Original Dwarka: Earthquake records

I will begin with the conjecture that the small town of ‘Mul Dwarka (translated as ‘Original Dwarka’) is a proxy and thus points to Original Dwarka that is now underwater.

The Location of ‘Mul Dwarka’ is south of Somanath, along the coast, in the modern state of Gujarath in western India.

This area is active seismic zone. Several earthquakes have affected this area for past few centuries, including recent 8+ Richter scale earthquake on 26 January 2001 CE.

On 16 January 1819, an 8.3 magnitude earthquake affected this area.

It is critical to note that these earthquakes lead to lot of subsidence (land going down/sinking) and elevation at other places. This seismic activity also leads to changes in the height of sea floors and not just land. All of these factors must be taken into account, along with sea level changes (MSL) while researching ancient historical events.

Various surveys, around the Gulf of Cambay (Khambat che Akhat) have picked up fault zones with elevation and depression of as much as 30 meters!

The Gulf of Cambay was formed by a major rift.

Dr. Rajendran of CEES- Trivendrum commissioned ‘paleo-seismic’ studies in this area. His excellent work led to identification and dating of ancient seismic events in this region.

The Major earthquakes events identified in this region are as follows:

(1) 7540 +/- 130 Years BP (appxorimately 5540 +/-130 BCE)

(2) 3983 +/- 150 BP (Before Present, with typically Present = 1950 CE)

(3) 2780 +/-150 BP

I want readers to note down the date highlighted in bold and its plausible relevance for my (originally proposed by Dr. P V Vartak) proposed date of 5525 BCE for the flooding/destruction of Dwarka.


6 thoughts on “Original Dwarka: Earthquake records

    • The date proposed for submerging of Dwarka (by me and by Dr. Vartak) is that of 5525 BCE. This very date is based on MBH war in 5561 BCE along with MBH text reference that Dwarka submerged 36 years after the Mahabharata war.

      One of the 3 earthquake records corroborate 5525 BCE as the year of Dwarka submerging since the interval of 5540 BCE +/- 130 leads to a time interval of (5670 BCE – 5410 BCE) and 5525 BCE falls within this interval.

      Of course, it is not a proof of it.

      • To be precise, the interval is from 5720 BCE to 5460 BCE (with BP = 1950CE). Of course, trying to be precise by another 50 years is of not much use, when the standard error is 130 years. Oh, well.

    • Desh, Numerous corroborative evidence from around the world (for significant and catastrophic sea level rise) for this ~5525 BCE period. (Maine- USA, Bahamas, West coast of India, Arabian sea near Iraq/Iran, Black Sea, alluvial delta formations around the world (as far as China).

      Combine that with earthquake records and we have one strong corroborative evidence.

      When combined with astronomy (independent and non-polluted by terrestrial events) evidence, makes one hell of a case for 5525 BCE as the year of Dwarka submerging.

  1. What is interesting is that data for this 7540 BP appears to be abundant and distinct, based on lower standard error in comparison to even more recent events ( e.g. 3983 BP, 2780 BP).

  2. There can be no better corroborative evidence then a phenomena measurable now which Naturally occurred in past and left a veritable footprint. It is easy to discern that (1) 7540 +/- 130 Years BP (approximately 5540 +/-130 BCE) is most likely candidate for submerging of Dwaraka. Unbelievers, though will yet demand more evidence and will harp on the margin of error as stated.

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