Illustration of active problem solving: VSR theory for the ‘destruction of Dwarka’

Virendra S Rathore (author of ‘The Sharp Mile’ wrote…

“Pardon my wild guess but could it be possible that an ice-sheet collapse would send sea waves into Dwarka.
And then while the sheet(s) slowly melts, it raises the sea level for Dwarka?”

Virendra was commenting in the context of my blog article below:

My Response…

This is the theory I have in mind for few years now, however, I was looking for a partner (or partners) in crime.

Thank you, Virendra.

I had also speculated (~2009 CE) that the ice-sheeet that collapsed belonged to Antartica and not from North America/Northwestern Europe. Of course this remains my pure, albeit logical, speculation. More on this as we explore the consequences of this infant theory.

Virendra has added few other valuable thoughts and it is critical that we capture them.

He wrote…

“Since the water gushed in suddenly and from sea, tsunami could be a reason. However, there’s another twist to the story.
Three ancient sources – Harivansha, Matsyapurana & Bhagvat Gita concur that it took people 7 days to vacate Dwarka after which the city sunk into Sea.
If it was a sudden incident like Tsunami, how is it that water came in suddenly yet the sinking took 7 days?
We know of cases in Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea from recent Tsunamis where existing islands have vanished and new ones have come up. All those are single shot events, not a gradual week long process.
Having said that, we can’t still discount the Tsunami possibility completely, because we don’t yet understand these calamities and powers behind completely. We also don’t have sufficient data on Tsunamis of past thousands of years to say with surety that a slow sink is impossible against a tsunami.

The reference cited at the post says “catastrophic sea-level rise and ice-sheet collapse” which also suggests that an interesting alternate theory might be put on the table soon.”

Let’s list all the possibilities:

Destruction/sinking/flooding of Dwarka could have occurred due to (each of these causes individually or combination of them)

(1) Tsunami hit the west coast of India (Dwarka)

(2) Sudden rise in sea-levels inundated(flooded) Dwarka

(3) Massive (or not so massive) earthquake or series of earthquakes occurring in the area at/near Dwarka
I have not come across specific refernces where it is stated that ‘it took people 7 days to vacate Dwarka. I would appreciate if Virendra can point to specific descriptions/verses from the sources he mentions (Harivamsha, Matsya Purana, Bhagavad Purana (Bhagvad Gita is a typo, me think! 🙂 ).

Good deal of evidence/records exists for (2) and (3) above, in the context of Dwarka. As many would understand, (1) – Tsunami, would be result of (2) – Suddren rise in sea levels (collapse of an ice-sheet), (3) – earthquakes or volcanic activity under the sea.

We will explore the available evidence as time permits.

My research into destrution of Dwarka, especially via theory of its flooding due to significant (sudden) increase in sea levels has continued for last 20 years and still the picture is murky.

Having said that, enough data exists from this discipline of geology/sea levels rise, in the context of Dwarka, that can FALSIFY any claims for timing of destruction/flooding of Dwarka for any timeline that falls between 4500 BCE – 500 BCE!

This is indeed a great achievement since 96% of all proposed dateds for Mahabharat War and thus destruction of Dwarka (Year of Mahabharata War + 36 years) fall into this timeline (4500 BCE – 500 BCE).

I may point out that evergreen classic AV observation and also set of observations for Bhishma Nirvana have conclusively FALSIFIED any claim for the timing of Mahabharata War (and now destruction/flooding of Dwarka)that falls after 4508 BCE and 4000 BCE, resepctively.


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