Flooding & Destruction of Dwarka – 5525 BCE

Dwarka of Krishna, on the west coast of India, was destroyed by flood 36 years after the Mahabharata War. I defined time interval of 6500 years for the plausible year of Mahabharata War based on AV (Arundhati-Vasistha) observation of Mahabharata text. Further I could validate 18 day timeline and year of 5561 BCE, proposed by Dr. P V Vartak. I validated 5561 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War based on consistent interpretation of 200+ astronomy observations of Mahabharata text.

This would lead us to the timing of flooding of Dwarka as follows:

5561 BCE + 36 years = 5525 BCE

Thus flooding and Destruction of Krishna’s Dwarka occurred in 5525 BCE.

Do we have additional corroborative evidence for this event? Answer: A LOT.

I will discuss the corroborative evidence for destruction of Dwarka in year 5525 BCE in my upcoming book on ‘The Year of Mahabharata War: Additional evidence from Astronomy, Anthropology & Geology. The book will not be published until 2016 CE. That should not stop anyone from critically discussing my proposal of 5525 BCE for flooding of Dwarka.
More than 125 different proposals exist for the timing of Mahabharata War. It is true that I could falsify majority of them (96%+) by simply showing that anyone claiming timing of Mahabharata War after 4500 BCE will not able to corroborate two significant observations of Mahabharata Text:

(1) AV Observation
(2) Bhishma Nirvana (Bhisma passing away on the day of winter solstice, after lying on bed of arrows for >92 days) – set of 23 observations


BTW, I should mention that research conducted by Graham Hancock and Glenn Milne, based on sea level rise on the west coast of India, and led them to the time interval for flooding of Dwarka that corroborates year of 5525 BCE. Hancock & Milne defined 7700 BP (~5700 BCE ) – 6900 BP (~4900 BCE) as the time interval when the island off the west coast of India finally submerged. Notice that 5525 BCE falls within this time interval of 5700 BCE – 4900 BCE.

If anyone wants to watch Graham Hancock documentary (where avaialable), here is the link: (from 9:00 – 12:00 min)


There are other researchers who simply look at the flood records (significant sea level rise, Tsunami, earthquakes and such in order to determine timing for flooding of Dwarka. These efforts are indeed admirable. Unfortunately, many of them do not comprehend the limitation of their approach.

There are multiple flood records on the west coast of India, as expected, going back for a long period of time (15,000 BCE – 1,000 BCE).

That is precisely the reason I consider evidence of a specific flood as corroborating evidence for flooding of Dwarka (only if timing of destruction of Dwarka so determined by another independent evidence.. independent of flooding).

And that is the same reason, one cannot simply pick timing of one of the floods from 15000 BCE to 1000 BCE and jump to the conclusion that.. “Therefore flooding of Dwarka occurred in XXXX BCE”.


One thought on “Flooding & Destruction of Dwarka – 5525 BCE

  1. I appreciate your efforts in setting the records right and putting to rest the arguments that Mahabharata is only a fiction . Your logical and scientific approach should silence critics who are motivated by hidden agenda of belittling Vedic tradition .

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