Nilesh Oak holds BS & MS in Chemical Engineering and Executive MBA. He is interested in Astronomy, Archeology, Geology, Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Economics, Ancient narratives and Philosophy.

He published his first book, ‘When did the Mahabharata War Happen?:The Mystery of Arundhati’ in 2011.

He published his second book, ‘The Historic Rama – Indian Civilization at the end of Pleistocene’ in 2014.

Both books are available in paperback and in Kindle on Amazon.

He is in the process of completing his third book, ‘Bhishma Nirvana’.


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  1. Nilesh ji:

    Namaskar! Is there a way to contact you? We would like to invite you to deliver a talk in Delhi and Bangalore on the dating of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana (separate talks), whenever you are visiting India (if i am not mistaken you live in the US).

    I run both a tech business and a non-profit — https://www.facebook.com/srijanfoundation/?fref=ts One of the projects called the “India Civilization Project” of our non-profit invites speakers connected with the revival and revitalization of the Indian civilization; we record the videos; and publicise them on social media. Here’s the YouTube channel where we publish our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3nhAUpe7aBm1rFCBgoWWcA — if you notice atleast one talk by Sanjeev Sanyal really went viral. We’re just getting started, and are determined to spread the message of all our inspired (and inspiring) speakers.

    Would appreciate an email from you to me. I am reachable at: “four [DOT] pursuits [AT] gmail [DOT] com”. Looking forward to hear from you.


  2. When I was a student (during 1978-79), I had a book on Ancient Indian History with chronological events (from Vedic times to Modern India), in which the author arrived at date of Ramayana some 7 lac years BC and Mahabharata about 4 lac years BC (I vaguely remember the dates) based on astrological / astronomical calculations. The best part of the book was it had listed out the chronology of events running into several pages, from Vedic times to Birth of independent India, with names of Kings / dynasties/lineage etc.

    Another interesting part of the book is that it argued with proofs that the Indian King who fought Alexander the Great, was Chandra Gupta of the Gupta dynasty and not Chandra Gupta Maurya of the Mauryan dynasty.

    I lost the book and am still searching for the book, but unable to find it online / in bookstalls. I don’t remember the title of the book or author’s name.

    I would recommend that you find out the book and read it. You would find it very useful and a better guide / mentor to you. Perhaps, you may re-do your calculations to arrive at correct dates based on astronomical calculations given in Puranas and Itihasas.

  3. You and your readers might find this of interest:

    In this heavily researched work, extensively drawing from the Quran, authentic hadith, principal sufi works and biographies, along with numerous other documents, we discover an account of Islam – based on both its authenticated history and especially its psychology – that precludes its alleged origin. And as we examine the primary Islamic texts, along with two national examples (one of which, of course, is “Pakistan”) exhibiting the same origin, the real occult creator of Islam becomes clear. In addition to exposing the myth of Islam’s revelatory origin, we intensively examine the actual doctrine of the heretical – to Islam, yet at the same time viciously anti-Hindu – sufi ‘saints’, juxtaposing their intermediate (as openly admitted by them) mystic realizations with the Consciousness of the Rishis and Yogin. Finally, we return to the Islamic scripture to again comment on the absolute impossibility of any “Reformation”, and outline the ongoing centres of control by which the Asura of Falsehood continues to savagely impose himself.

  4. Hi,
    I am a big fan of Mr. Nilesh Oaks work and have watched many of his lectures on youtube. I wanted to ask what is the accepted explanation for the presence of “monkeys” in Ramayana. They are a core aspect of the story in Ramayana. Were they a different species of humans, like the neanderthals?
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

    • They were human begins. That is all. Do read ‘Wastav Ramayana’ or its english transltion by Dr. P V Vartak. checkout at BookGanga or other sources.

    • I am also for a Rational approach to the Ithihasas & Puranas. But we must not miss out the truth by resorting to our limited understanding. For example Humans can attain levitation by practicing certain Yoga Kriya. At one point of time all the apes had such ability. To convert Levitation jump of Hanuman to Swimming the present Gulf of Mannar by Hanuman is a Joke. We should not forget that we are living Kali Yuga , where the physical and yogic powers of Humans have gone down drastically.

      • I am not sure what is your frustration is about. We should not miss out on the truth. And limited understanding is all we have to work with. If you consider some theory as joke (e.g. P V Vartak referring to Hanuman swimming… BTW, He also refers to him as flying. This means his theory is not because he sees flying as impossible) then present your own theory and provide the evidence.

        I do not know which Yuga I live in, but if you insist that it is Kali yuga, so be it. I have nothing against or for that claim of yours, it is simply not useful to me.

        Lastly, regarding the claim of human levitation. I have not seen one levitating nor I have seen an objective proof of it. That does not mean it is not true. However, those who insist on it and also want others to be convinced of it may want to demonstrate objective validation of it.


  5. Ritvik –
    ” Ravana, was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that he worshiped Lord Shiva with such devotion that Lord Shiva being very pleased with him granted him of being more powerful than all the Devas, ganas and yakshas. In his arrogance, Ravana did not ask Lord Shiva to become more powerful than humans or [to his embarrassment] from vanaras….[It was for this reason that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama a human to destroy him…] ”

    That was the reason Devas got incarnated as Vanaras. These vanaras are actual monkeys. Not Humans. Also Ravana’s Lanka was on equator on the same meridian as Ujjain. The Setu – was 100 yojanas (= 900 km.) from kanya kumari to Lanka. You’ll find a Mahendra giri on the southern tip of Kerala, from where Hanuman must have jumped to Lanka.

    The present setu must be of recent ( 10 – 20 thousand years before our times ) origin built by some Tamil kings ( extending over few centuries ) either to build a Surface aceeasi to Sri Lanka or to wardoff the threat of Tsunami to Tamil Nadu Coast or both.

    To ascribe the present Seru to Rama is to not understand the Enormous Power of the vanaras and also that of Ravanna.

    • The points about the location of Mahendra giri, location of Lanka in the context of reference line that goes through Ujjain has much truth in it. Ms. Rupa Bhaty has done 10+ years of serious research on this subject and her work would come out in the near future.

      Rama Krishna’s thoughts about current Setu are therefore also valid.

      There are many other factual things mentioned by Rama Krishna ji, however, somewhere the facts are mixed with specultions (Vanaras as monkeys) Of course, speculations are good, but in the absence of evidence, they are of no to negative value.

    • Hi, Rama, sorry for the late reply. One theory I have read suggests that the Vanaras may belong to a different species of humans – the Neanderthals . I have not yet aquired an english copy of Vastav Ramayana though

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