Ramayana: Timeline Summary

Do you think this is crazy? I agree. I thought so, too.

Let Valmiki Ramayana ‘astronomy’ data-set, change your mind-set.

Read – The Historic Rama

1. Birth of Dasharatha ~ 12300 BCE.

2. Dasharatha performs Putra-Kameshthi Yajna: December 12241 BCE- January 12241 BCE.

3. Rama- Janma (Birth of Rama): 29 November 12240 BCE.

4. Arrival of sage Vishwamitra in Ayodhya: 4 December 12224 BCE.

5. Rama & Laxman kill Tataka: 7 December 12224 BCE.

6. Arrival at Siddhashrama: 8 December 12224 BCE

7. Rama & Laxman protect Yajna of Vishwamitra: 9-14 December 12224 BCE.

8. Leaving for Mithila and day of late night conversations: 15 December 12224 BCE.

9. Arrival at city of Vishala: 17 December 12224 BCE.

10. Rama meets Ahilya at latter’s ashram: 18 December 12224 BCE.

11. Arrival in Mithila: 18 December 12224 BCE.

12. Rama lifts Shiva-Dhanushya: 19 December 12224 BCE.

13. King Dasharatha arrives in Mithila: 29 December 12224 BCE.

14. King Janaka completes Yajna: 30 December 12224 BCE.

15. Wedding day of Rama-Sita decided: 1 or2 January 12223 BCE.

16. Rama-Sita Wedding: 4/5 January 12223 BCE.

17. Rama’s scheduled coronation: 20/21 December 12223 BCE.

18. Rama’s Vanavas-gaman: 20/21 December 12223 BCE.

19. Death of Dasharatha: 25/26 December 12223 BCE.

20. Messenger’s traveling to Kekaya capital: 27-29 December 12223 BCE.

21. Bharata’s journey from Kekaya capital to Ayodhya: 30 December 12223 BCE – 5 January 12222 BCE.

22. Bharata performs 11th & 12th day rituals for Dasharatha: 6th and 7th January 12222 BCE.

23. Sage Vasistha requests Bharata to accept the throne of Ayodhya: 9 January 12222 BCE.

24. Bharata leaves Ayodhya to meet Rama: 26 January 12222 BCE.

25. Bharata meets Rama at Chitrakuta: 10 April 12222 BCE.

26. Bharata asks for Sandals of Rama: 11 April 12222 BCE.

27. Rama & Khara fight: 28 March 12210 BCE.

28. Ravana abducted Sita from Panchavati: May-July 12210 BCE

29. Ravana set time limit for Sita to yield to his wishes: Sometime during October-November 12210 BCE.

30. Vali-Sugriva fight-1st round: 21 September 12210 BCE.

31. Vali-Sugriva fight- 2nd round: 22 September 12210 BCE.

32. Rama-Laxman lived outside Kishkindha: 22 September-13 January 12209 BCE.

33. Vanara search parties leave Kishkindha: After 13 January 12209 BCE.

34. Angada’s frustration during search of Sita: Mid-July 12209 BCE.

35. Hanuman in Lanka: 27-30 August 12209 BCE.

36. Hanuman flying back from Lanka: 30 August 12209 BCE.

37. Rama & Vanara army leave for Lanka, from Kishkindha: 29 September 12209 BCE.

38. Building & Construction of Nala-Setu: Sometime during 8 Decemer-18 December 12209 BCE.

39. Rama & Vanara Army on Mountain Suvela: 22 December 12209 BCE.

40. The War: 24 December 12209 BCE – 7 January 12208 BCE.

41. Rama at the ashram of sage Bharadwaj: 12 January 12208 BCE

42. Rama meets Bharata: 13 January 12208 BCE.

43. Rama’s coronation: 13 January 12208 BCE.

44. Vanara leaders & Vibhishan return, from Ayodhya to Kishkindha and Lanka, respectively: Sometime after 17 May 12208 BCE.

45. Rama sends Sita to ashram of Valmiki (through Laxman): May-July 12208 BCE.

46. Birth of Kusha & Lava: September/October 12208 BCE.

47. Completion of Ramayana (as sung by Kusha & Lava to Rama in Ayodhya): 12196 BCE.


17 thoughts on “Ramayana: Timeline Summary

  1. You are crazy ! But I have an hell of respect for your perseverance !
    Nanasaheb Purandare म्हणाले, काही वेगळं संशोधन करायचं असेल तर माणसांना त्यात वेडं व्हावं लागतं. माझा तुम्हाला शिरसाष्टांग नमस्कार.

  2. How is u come to those specific dates. Can you please explain the calculation and given actual information on dates. And also can u provide the history of the existing records as because it may be written at Latter stages and it can be set at earlier time

  3. Fantastic effort on your research sir . I must confess i have not read the book yet sir but I have a very basic question. Is there any evidence in Valmiki Ramayana which conclusively rejects or contradicts claim of Rama’s birth in the 24th Teta Yuga in Matsya Puran etc because if that is not decisevely rejected by clearer contrary evidence then will no the precision of the earth result in the same astronomical combinations over every 25772 years approximately and that could in a way explain Ramayana war happening at 25772+12200 = 37900 years ago or even 63600 years ago. Can you pls clarify this sir. The doubt is killing me…:)

    • Great question. Please do read my blog on ‘Knotty and naughty problem of Yuga’. Then do recognize that those writing and updating Puranas were humans like us and they were also working under some set of assumptions. That is one of the key cause of all the confusion caused by any references to Yuga and their usage in determining the antiquity of our civilization.

      While it is true that after a long time (not every 26K years) the similar astronomy situation may happen (the possibility is very low, but always a finite possibility), we have, fortunately, other evidence (including astronomy) that places various upper limits for the occurrence of Ramayana

      For example, Geology/hydrology evidence for the existence of river Sarasvati tell us that Ramayana is not possible anytime before 90,000 BCE. This is because river Sarasvati did not exist before 90,000 BCE and Ramayana time, Sarasvati existed.

      Nakshatra system described in Valmiki Ramayana simply did not exist if we go back for more than 100,000 years or 150,000 years. (nakshtra Rohini and its placement is so frequent in Valmiki Ramayana).

      River Shutudri started flowing westward only in 13,000 BCE. In fact this sets the upper limit on Ramayana, i..e Ramayana is not possible before 13,000 BCE.

      Hope this helps.

      Nilesh Oak

      • Thank you very much sir..yes the Shutudri is kind off the clincher but is there any blog on the evidence as to why Shutudri could not have flowed b4 13000 or is it only in the book?…..:)

      • BTW, there is one additional evidence

        (4) There is one more evidence. Separation of river Yamuna from Sarsavati, Yamuna turning east and meeting Ganga. This happened sometime after 50,000 BCE and more likely before 41,000 BCE. Ramayana describes Yamuna as meeting Ganga. This evidence also places upper limit of 50,000 BCE on the timing of Ramayana.

      • Check out my Youtube video from Srijan Foundation – 17000+ years of Indian civilization.

        In fact, what is great about this evidence (Shutudri turning west in 13,000 BCE)is that the evidence came to light about 3+ years after the publication of my book ‘The Historic Rama’ which showed Rama Ravana yUddha occurring in 12209 BCE.

        The point being, I did not have this evidence in front of me, when I proposed 12209 BCE. In any case, since scientific method demands consistency, there was no question of me looking into any other (non-astronomy) evidence, even if available, in my research, since my theory was that of visual astronomy observations.

        Last point, All 4 pieces of evidence are clinchers! Not just one on Shutudri. And astronomy evidence (limitation on the validation of the Nakshatra system) is the strongest since your question was based on astronomy. Geology & Hydrology evidence is very strong to demolish enormous dogma of Yuga and Yuga timelines for the civilization of India.

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