Mahabharata War – Timeline Summary

A reader who posted this on some forum, also wrote to me. I thought it would be good baseline for comparison with other attempts.
I just did the first reading of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’s book “When Did The Mahabharata War Happen? : The Mystery of Arundhati”!

All the analysis and conclusions are extremely scientifically put!

His proposed timeline is as follows:

1. Krishna left Upaplavya on Maitri (Anuradha) Muhurta, Revati nakshatra and in the month of Lotuses: 31 August 5561 B.C.

2. Duryodhana ordered his royal friends to leave for Kurukshetra on the day of Pushya: 6-7 September 5561 B.C.

3. Krishna-Karna meeting, 7 days before Jyeshtha Amawasya & before Krishna left for Upaplavya: 9-10 September 5561 B.C.

4. Shakra (Jyeshtha or possibly Vishakha) Amawasya: 16-17 September 5561 B.C.

5. Balarama left the Pandava camp, to proceed on Saraswati Tirthayatra, on Anuradha (Maitri) nakshatra: 17 September 5561 B.C.

6. Balarama began Tirthayatra of Saraswati around 22 September 5561 B.C.

7. Kartika Purnima (Full moon): 30 September – 1 October 5561 B.C.

8. Krishna left along with the Pandavas for Kurukshetra on Pushya: 4-5 October 5561 B.C.

9. Both armies arrived at Kurukshetra on Magha: 6-7 October 5561 B.C.

10. Vyasa met Dhritarashtra: 15 October 5561 B.C.

11. The First day of Mahabharata War: 16 October 5561 B.C.

12. Bhishma fell in the battlefield on the 10th day of War: 25 October 5561 B.C.

13. Abhimanyu was killed on the 13th day of War: 28 October 5561 B.C.

14. Arjuna killed Jayadratha and the fight continued into the night at the end of the 14th day of War: 29 October 5561 B.C.

15. Drona was killed on the 15th day of War: 30th October 5561 B.C.

16. Arjuna killed Karna on the 17th day of War: 1 November 5561 B.C.

17. Shalya was killed by noon and Bhima killed Duryodhana at the end of the day on the 18th day of War: 2 November 5561 B.C.

18. The Pandavas spent a month on the bank of River Ganga: 2-3 November – 30 November 5561 B.C.

19. The Pandavas entered Hastinapur after spending a lunar month on the bank of Ganga: 30 November 5561 B.C.

20. Coronation of Yudhishthir, assignment of offices & palaces, and honoring of Krishna: 30 November-5 December 5561 B.C.

21. Yudhishthir and his brothers, Krishna, Satyaki, Yuyutsu, Kripacharya and Sanjay go to Kurukshetra to visit Bhishma, 56 days before passing away of Bhishma: 5-6 December 5561 B.C.

22. Yudhishthir along with his brothers, Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and ministers visits Bhishma for last but one time, 51 days before passing away of Bhishma: 10-11 December 5561 B.C.

23. Yudhishthir leaves for Kurukshetra, after spending 50 nights at Hastinapur, to meet Bhishma when the Sun turned north: 30-31 January 5560 B.C.

24. Bhishma Nirvana: 30-31 January 5560 B.C.


Nilesh has in fact established a few new insights into reading old Indian scriptures. He established the theory about
• Fall of Abhijit
• The Epoch of Arundhati
• Meaning of Vakri
• Meaning of Visakha as an asterism.
• Claims that Bhishma Pitamah died not 58 days but rather 98 days after he fell in the battlefield.
• and many other contributions.

Great insights, indeed!


One thought on “Mahabharata War – Timeline Summary

  1. According to Vayu , Brahmanda, and some others, Puranas, the war happened 1050 or 1015 years before the coronation of the first Purana. That gives you ~1400BE. How do you reconcile with that?

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