Criticism & Analysis: Dating of Ramayana (5114 BCE) by Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar – Part 1 of Many

I am aware of five (5) distinct proposals, including mine, for the timing of Ramayana.
They are as follows:

(1) Dr. P V Vartak ( ~7,300 BCE)

(2) Shri M. R Yardi (~1,500 BCE)

(3) Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar (~5,200 BCE)

(4) SRS (initials of three authors) (~10,000 BCE)

(5) Nilesh Oak (~12,200 BCE)

For reasons, incomprehensible to me, the proposal of Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar has found flavor among few writers.

For example:

(1) Historical Rama (not to be confused with my ‘The Historic Rama) by D K Hema Hari & D K Hari

(2) Historicity of Vedic and Ramayana Eras: Scientific Evidences from the Depths of Oceans to the Heights of Skies by Saroj Bala & Kulbhushan Mishra

I would assert that these authors have not taken efforts to test and/or validate conclusions of Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar. I say this because if these authors had conducted verification/validation of dates proposed by Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar, they would have realized glaring errors in any and all assertions of Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar.

I have done just that in my book – The Historic Rama, and have shown that proposal of Shri Bhatnagar for ~5200 BCE (timing of Ramayana) can be shown to be incorrect based on the VERY evidence Shri Bhatnagar has employed (from Valmiki Ramayana) to derive his date.

In addition, I have shown that time of ~5200 BCE can be falsified as the timing of Ramayana, based on numerous astronomy observations of Valmiki Ramayana, that Shri Bhatnagar did not bother to consider.

We will begin our journey by defining details of Ramayana timeline, as proposed, by Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar.

To be continued….


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