Criticism & Analysis: Dating of Ramayana (5114 BCE) by Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar – Part 2 of Many

Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar proposed his Ramayana Timeline as follows:

(It appears that all the dates proposed are per Julian calendar)

Rama Janma – 10 January 5114 BCE

Rama went to forest (Vanavas) – 5 January 5089 BCE (Rama was, per Bhatnagar, 25 years old at this time)

Khara –Rama fight (near Panchavati) – 7 October 5077 BCE

Rama killed Vali – 3 April 5076 BCE

Hanuman in Lanka – 12 September 5076 BCE

Hanuman returns from Lanka to Northern shore – 14 September 5076 BCE

Rama left, along with Vanara army, from Kishkindha towards Lanka – 19 September 5076 BCE

Hanuman and part took ONLY 6 days to arrive in Kishkindha (Hampi/Bellari, Karnataka) from Rameshwaram area! (Shri Bhatnagar agrees with this in chapter 11 of his book)

Rama killed Ravana – 4 December 5076 BCE

Rama returns from Lanka, to ashram of sage Bharadwaj – 29 December 5076 BCE

Rama meets Bharata, after returning from Lanka – 30 December 5076 BCE

Shri Bhatnagar employed astronomy observations related to birth of Rama, to propose day of Rama-Janma, first and then identified other relevant dates leading to Rama’s return from Lanka.

We will certainly look at the astronomy evidence and test his claims for match between Valmiki Ramayana descriptions (astronomy observations) and Bhatnagar proposal of 10 January 5114 BCE.

Before we do that, we must clarify many points

(1) Delta T error of Planetarium Software

(2) Comparison of Planetarium software vs. other decent astronomy software

(3) Confusion of Shri Bhatnagar regarding the consequences of the phenomenon of ‘precession of equinoxes’

Of course, we can show how this proposal of ~5200 BCE time period for Ramayana is untenable without going into somewhat complex explanations (and confusion of Late Shri Bhatnagar) by beginning with relatively straightforward – chronological and seasonal evidence of Valmiki Ramayana.

We will indeed proceed on this path first, as anyone without the comprehension of astronomy , hopefully, can understand how dates proposed by Shri Bhatnagar for Ramayana instances DO NOT agree with descriptions of Valmiki Ramayana.

We will begin with first recognizing/defining/understanding/comprehending the lunar months and their corresponding seasons for the period of ~5200 BCE.

To be continued…


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