Beginning of – New year & Kaliyuga

Today is the beginning of New year (in some parts of India), also called ‘Baisakhi’.

As many would be aware that some parts of India celebrated new year oly 15 days ago.

These variations are due to various reasons but mostly due to:

(1) Difference between ‘Amanta’ and ‘Purnamanta’ definitions of lunar months

(2) Some areas would not change the beginning of a new year with change in point of spring equinox (Ayan-amsha = zero), which is caused due to the phenomenon of ‘precession of Equinoxes’.

In any case, my post today was triggered by a post from a seeker.

He wrote..
Nilesh ji, came across some interesting factoid in the context of the Hindu New Year (started yesterday

1. The Hindu Calendar is in 60 year cycles- the new year is the 41st (termed Plawang)
2. Now, the interesting part is that as per the Surya Siddhanth, 125 such cycles have elapsed since the start….the current one is the 126th (i.e. 41st year of the 126th cycle)

Which means- as per this calendar and IF what I was told is correct, ~ 7541 years have elapsed since the start of Kalyug i.e. 5527 BC was when Kalyug started

is very close to your estimation (5561?) so thought would let you know… but this is based on a conversation I had with a learned man when I went to his house for the New Year lunch, so please take it FWIW

I am only going to interpret it as FWIW (For What IT is Worth)…..

Hindu calendar has many Yuga cycles – 5, 12, 19, 60, 95 and so on, all are designed to make smaller much needed correction to maintain the accuracy and synchronicity of Luni-solar calendar.

Thus 60 year cycle can be accepted very easily.

We have to search for validity of the second reference that refers to elapsing of 125 cycles and that we being in year 41 (~2014 CE) in the current and 126th cycle….

Assuming this to be the case… this is what follows… (This is what I responded with)

This would be interesting indeed. Would it be possible to find out what specific Surya Siddhanta reference this learned man refers to.

I do have access to Surya Siddhanta and its translation, however (like RigVeda) there are variations in translation of a given verse of Suryasiddhanta.

5527 BCE would indeed make sense.. My year for departure of Krishna is ~5525 BCE.. 36 years (Mahabharata text reference) after the Mahabharata War (5561 BCE)… (5561 BCE – 36 = 5525 BCE). 5525 BCE is the timing of flooding of Dwarka.

There are numerous geological references for this 5525 BCE +/- 100 years, around the globe. I am working putting that work together along with additional astronomy observations from outside Mahabharata text.. all lead to 5561 BCE as year of MBH war or 5525 BCE as timing for flooding of Dwarka.

Thank you for making this connection with what you heard from this learned individual.


Nilesh Oak


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