Defining vs. Corroborating



(1) Phases and positions of the Moon through 18 days of the Mahabharata War (16 October – 2 November 5561 BCE)

(This evidence corroborates and (NOT defines ) the 18 day timeline)

(2) AV observation of Mahabharata

(This evidence defines (and NOT corrborate) EOA – 11091 BCE – 4508 BCE)

(3) Planetary observations of Mahabharata text

(This evidence corrborates (and NOT define) year (5561 BCE) of Mahabharata War)

(4) Discrepancy in Mars positions (assuming circular orbit) defined (and NOT corroborated) Kepler’s proposal of ‘elliptical orbits’ for planets.

(5) Interpretation of ‘vakri’ motions of Mars (around year 5561 BCE) defined (and NOT corrborated) VAKRI = OBLIQUE across Ecliptic (and NOT Retrograde), while ‘Vakri’motion of Jupiter near nakshatra Shravana corrborated (and NOT defined) proposal (VAKRI = Oblique across Ecliptic)

(6) Observation of ‘Sun setting on nakshatra Pushya during the season of Hemanta’ defined (and NOT corroborated) Epoch of Ramayana.

(7) Observation of ‘Comet-Laxman’ defined (and NOT corroborated) Year (12209 BCE) of Rama-Ravana Yuddha.

(8) While Mahabharata evidence for MBH War (5561 BCE) defines 5525 BCE as the timing for the flooding and destruction of Dwarka, geological evidence from around the worlds leads to corroboration of ‘5525 BCE as the timing of flooding/destruction of Dwarka’.


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