Presentation of award winning paper at Swadeshi Indology conference -2

My presentation, followed by few Q&A (via skype) at Swadeshi Indology conference-2, New Delhi (18 February 2017)
Q&A were on…

(1) Verisimilitude (aka Truthlikeness) score [Truthlikeness score-Oak proposal = Number of observations corroborating -Number of observations not corrborating

For Mahabharata claim of 5561 BCE: Truthlikeness score = 210 – 5 = 205

For Ramayana claim of 12209 BCE: Truthlikeness score = 553-22 = 531

(2) Ahiole inscription

(3) 3102 BCE as the reference point in creating Panchag(s)

(4) Falsification of Raghavan/Achar claim of 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata war


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