On the chronology of Mahabharata War: 5561 BCE vs 3067 BCE – Part 5

Pre-war events leading to the 18 days of the Mahabharata war.

The Table below is from the book ‘Date of Mahabharata war’ (2014) by Prof. Achar, page 42.

Chronology events 3067 BCE

This table has few very blatant errors and we will explain the significance of these errors.  If 22 November is the first day of the war, then 14th day of the war would occur on 5 December and NOT on 8th December!  If one does not detect this error, one may mistakenly assume that the last day of the war is that of 12 December (by mistakenly counting after 14th day to 18th day: 9, 10, 11 and 12).  Thus, it is important to point out that the last day of the war, per Raghavan/Achar, is that of 9 December 3067 BCE and NOT 12 December!

And since Prof. Achar did not include the date for the beginning of Balarama Tirthayatra (in the above table), proposed by Prof. Raghavan and accepted by Prof. Achar, we will include it by quoting verbatim Prof. Achar from one of his papers.

Prof. Achar writes (a paper published sometime around 2000 CE),

Balarama Tirthayatra details for 3067 BCE

This means Professors Raghavan/Achar consider 1 November 3067 BCE, as the first day of Balarama Tirthayatra.

Why are all these nitty-gritty details important?  Hold your breath! We are going to find out.

Let’s create a chronology of pre-war events per Achar/Raghavan.  Their work includes only selective observations (& therefore scientifically speaking – illogical, inconsistent, dubious and more)

(Prof. Achar’s selection of pre-war events)

  1. Krishna leaves for Hastinapur (from Upaplavya) early morning on Anuradha Muhurta and on nakshatra Revati during the lunar month of Kartika. (26 September 3067 BCE)
  2. Krishna and Karna meet 7 days before Shakra (Jyeshtha?) Amawasya, i.e. around nakshatra P. Phalguni/U. Phalguni. (8 October 3067 BCE)
  3. Balarama begins his ‘Sarasvati Tirthyatra on nakshatra Pushya (1 November 3067 BCE)
  4. The war begins on Margashirsha Shukla 10/11 (4 days before the full moon day and 10/11 days after the day of Amavasya) (22 November 3067 BCE)
  5. The 14th day of the war was 5 December 3067 BCE (& NOT 8 December 3067 BCE)
  6. The war continues for 18 days and thus the last day of the war (9 December 3067 BCE)
  7. Balarama arrives (per this claim of Raghavan/Achar) on 12 December 3067 BCE, 3 days after the war is over!

We will show that how each and every claim for the above 7 pre-war events claimed by Prof. Achar are decisively false because it does not agree with either the specific & selective evidence employed by him or enormous evidence of Mahabharata text not employed by him.

This timeline of Prof. Achar for the pre-war events leading to the 18 days of the war itself can be visually summarized as follows:

Achar - 3 way disagreement

We have a very interesting situation.  The evidence of Mahabharata text is different than what Prof. Achar interprets.


For example, elsewhere, Prof. Achar claimed that Udyog 81:7 decisively led to a time interval of 3200 BCE through 1800 BCE for the year of Mahabharata war:


When I pointed out the errors of his claims using his own translation, from his book

(Date of Mahabharata war, 2014 by Prof. Achar, page 26)

Prof Achar book - Date of Mahabharata war - page 26 - 2014

And showed how his actual dates (Krishna’s departure on nakshatra Revati through the entire visit to Hastinapur, meeting with Karna before the 7 days to Shakra Amavasya) fall long before the beginning of Hemant season (per Udyog 81:7 and his own translation of this evidence)

When I pointed out this error to Prof. Achar, instead of accepting his error, he went on to justify it in the most raucous fashion, and not surprisingly, failed.  Readers may see it for  themselves, here:


In this, Prof. Achar blatantly stated that “There is no claim anywhere that Krishna went on the mission of peace in Hemanta ritu” and thus in effect contradicting his own translation, and of course the Mahabharata text itself.

This falsifies timing for pre-war events 1 & 2, listed by Prof. Achar.


Next, Prof. Achar digressed from the very evidence of Udyog 81:7 and jumped on to criticize my analysis of AV observation (Bhishma 2:31).  His analysis led to multiple occasions for rebuke described in Nyayadarshana of Gotama (curious readers may read Nyaya-sutras Book 5, chapter 2).

Prof. Achar introduced an additional element of ‘omen’, which is/was not part of my theory.  And while he admitted the validation of my astronomy element of AV observation, he could neither explain AV observation nor could infer a timing based on it that would lead to 3067 BCE.  To top it off, he did not realize that the onus was on him, having brought the omen aspect in the discussion, to explain it objectively for his claim of 3067 BCE.  He failed on all 3 counts. That is ‘Vitanda’ (cavil) at its best!.

Readers may read more here:


This falsifies the very claim – the 3067 BCE (as is any claim that falls after 4508 BCE) of Prof. Achar (& Raghavan).


Prof. Achar claims 22 November 3067 BCE as the first day of the Mahabharata war.  The day is that of Margashirsha Shukla 11. Thus according to him the war continued for 18 days leading to the day close to Amavasya.

This is in direct contradiction to enormous evidence of the Mahabharata text, that points to Kartika Amavasya as the first day of the war and the war continuing for 18 days.

18 days of the MBH war with phases and positions of the moon referenes


This evidence can be visually summarized via the next two pictures:

Moon during 18 days of MBH war-1


Moon during 18 days of MBH war-2

This falsifies the claim of Prof. Achar/Raghavan for Margashirsha Shukla 11 as the first day of War and thus pre-war events (4, 5, & 6) listed by Prof. Achar.


The Mahabharata text is explicit (multiple chapters of Shalya Parva + numerous references from other parvas of Mahabharata) that Balarama was present to witness the fight between Bhima and Duryodhana that occurred on the last and the 18th day of the war.

Against these assertions of the Mahabharata text, per claim of Prof. Achar, while the war ended on 9 December 3067 BCE, Balarama did not arrive at Kurukshetra until 12 December 3067 BCE!  Readers may understand why I described these errors as ‘BLATANT’.  There is nothing innocent about these errors!  And let me assure you, we are only scratching the surface.  Ocean of ‘blatant’ errors awaits for this claim of 3067 BCE.  We will indeed explore them, subject to constraints of priorities, time and resources.

This can be visually shown as follows (notice 9 December and 12 December):

Achar - 3 way disagreement

This falsifies pre-war events (3 &7) claimed by Prof. Achar. 

In fact, the entire timeline of Prof. Achar/Raghavan is shown to be inconsistent with their own claims and also with the evidence of the Mahabharata text. A summary of these falsifications can be shown using the very table generated by Prof. Achar in his book:

3067 BCE clams vs reality

We have not analyzed the claim of Prof. Achar/Raghavan for the day of Bhishma-nirvana, yet, since he did not refer to it during his last few mins of presentation at Waves 2018 (panel discussion).

After I address all the points of his criticism, we will indeed demonstrate how the claimed day of 17 January 3066 BCE, for Bhishma-nirvana, is decisively false, based on every single evidence of Mahabharata text.

In future parts:

  1. We will first explore all the pre-war events (not included by Prof. Achar) leading to the 18 days of the war.
  2. We will also address the issue of ‘Shakra Amavasya’
  3. We will briefly address the vague statements made by Prof. Achar related to planetary evidence and my theory for ‘vakri’ motions of Mars & Jupiter.

This will complete our rebuttal to all the points made by Prof. Achar at Waves conference 2018.  The reality is that there are many more claims made by Prof. Achar in his works for the year of Mahabharata war and they are worth analyzing, and analyze we will.










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