Common confusion of ‘Vedanga’ with Chronology of Ramayana, Mahabharata & Rigveda

A researcher demands….

“Unless you postulate that the Ramayana was pre-Vedic, or the archaeo-astronomical dates indicated in the Vedanga are artificially late dates, you cannot square a 14,000 year before present date for the Ramayana with the 5000-4000 years before present dates seemingly found in the Vedanga.”

My response…

What am I missing here?

There is no need to postulate Ramayana as Pre-vedic and one can not postulate it as pre-vedic, otherwise it conflicts with chronological evidence of Veda-Ramayana-Mahabharata, etc.

Surya-Siddhanta is also a Vedanga and its latest update can be assigned to ~500 CE. Why that should have any perceived conflict with Ramayana occurring in ~12000 BCE!

Researcher feels he had me in the trap, with this one….

Or else you have to postulate that the Ramayana as we have it today, is a projection of an ancient story on to the material culture of a much later era, but somehow while all the references to material culture were reworked, the most ancient astronomical references remained intact.

My response…

No need to do this. Ramayana descriptions do not contradict its timeline based on available evidence.





3 thoughts on “Common confusion of ‘Vedanga’ with Chronology of Ramayana, Mahabharata & Rigveda

  1. Namaskar Sir.
    In the review section in Amazon on your work The Historical Rama somebody wrote that around 14000 BP Sri Lanka and India we’re already joined together by land and thus there was no need for Ram to build a bridge. Then he times the Ramayan at around 7000 BC. I was hoping you could clear this up.

    • See below..

      Listen to 1:35 through 1:39 (almost the end of the talk.. during Q&A). I respond to these issues. I have worked and am working with oceanographers and geologists around the world. Again, this is a great problem to investigate and solve, but only if one is already convinced about 14000 BP timeline for Ramayana.

      On the other hand, this is not a falsification of 14000 BP claim for Ramayana, for the reasons I state during this 4 min segment.

      And by any means, this is not the end of NEW problems… (Pushpak vimana, elephants with 3 and 4 tusks, long sleep of Kumbhakarna, on and on…I have them listed in my book including where one needs to research for the solutions). I have worked out issues such as elephants with 3/4 tusks, Long sleep of Kumbhakarna and many more.. but that is the stuff of future works.

      For now.. watch 1:35 through 1:39 .

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