“Only way to kill AIT” by Dr. Shiv Sastry

This short note is by Dr. Shiv Sastry. I found it poignant enough to worth reproducing as one of the blog notes.


Dr. Shiv Sastry

“Look at the irony of the situation today and it sometimes makes me both sad and angry that we Indians have really been hoodwinked but we remain too stupid to call it out.

If you follow the Aryan invasion theory as cooked up by linguists from beginning to what it is now you find a series of bluffs. An early bluff was the racist theory that Aryans existed. The next bluff was to put a date on the arrival of the Aryans – around 1500-1000 BC. The third bluff was to date the Vedas based on the earlier bluff of the arrival of the Aryan. After the bluff about date of Vedas was made mainstream – everything else – including dates for Panini was simply squared to fit the round hole. And at the end of all this the racist origins were wiped out leaving the theory invented by racists.

But the intent to prove the language did not go away. The current bluff of course is to call the Vedas “horse culture” – and just like one word “Yavana” is being used to date Panini one mistranslated verse is used to say that Vedic people used to eat and bury horses. This bluff connects us with Pontic steppe, Pontic steppe graves have horses in them Pontic step has NO evidence of language in 2400 BC, But the language of 2400 BC has been declared to be PIE before it went to India and became Vedas. If the level of academic tomfoolery is astounding the level to which Indians have been made to look stupid by all this should make one cry in anguish.

And anybody who questions accepted AIT “wisdom” is now being held to account. He is told ‘So much evidence exists for AIT. You are a right winger with an agenda” Ironic is too mild a word here.

I do not believe we are stupid as a nation. But I think our people have suffered from not knowing the truth. Of course studies in Astronomy and genetics are important in themselves but it is unfortunate to witness the monkey-dancing when anyone comes up with an astronomical date that is at variance with AIT. The bluff is true until disproved. It is equally bad to see the anxiety caused by genetic dates that might agree with AIT. Thankfully genetics is moving away to areas which are in disagreement with AIT, but AIT will nott be killed by genetics. AIT has to be killed by calling out lies.”


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