Flooding & Destruction of Dwarka – 5525 BCE (Evidence of varying sea levels)


11 thoughts on “Flooding & Destruction of Dwarka – 5525 BCE (Evidence of varying sea levels)

  1. There seems to be a period of 1,000 years over which the sea levels in some parts of the world increased by about 15-20 ft. progressively and not in a sudden jump. This is not a cataclysmic event like a Tsunami. Yadavas went to Dwaraka to escape from Jarasandha when Krishna was young. They obviously did not see any danger of sea level rising, then or later. 36 years after Mahabharata war suddenly the sea-level rose substantially to submerge Dwaraka. No warning signals were seen or mentioned in Mahabharata ( I dont know about Bhagavata). Can the submergence of Dwaraka be attributed to progressive rise in sea level, even assuming it was occurring in Arabian sea as in other places you mention in the graph? Submergence of Dwaraka may probably have happened due to an earthquake in Arabian sea causing Tsunami, for which of course the Yadavas had no warning.

  2. The idea behind posting this graph was to generate curiosity among Mahabharata enthusiasts and make people do their own investigation. The intention is also to educate people to move from “proof” to “corroboration”. Enormous data for sudden and catastropic sea level rise, earthquake near Dwarka region, and much more right around 5525 BCE provides an excellent corroboration for flooding and destruction of Dwarka, a claim (5525 BCE) arrived at, independently, via internal astronomy evidence of Mahabharata text.

    • The book is dedicated to Dr. Vartak. I also gave him a copy. I did meet him on one occasion after the publication of my book, however could not discuss the book itself due to his weak health.

      You may contact him directly to understand his views.

      Better still, read my book and Dr. Vartak’s ‘Wastav Ramayana’ together to reach your own conclusions. Since you appear to be passionate, if you do it, share your conclusions here.

      Warm regards,

      • Actually I am asking for the dates on the Rig Veda specifically. Now i know that it is difficult to determine but I would love to know Shri Oak’s thoughts on the 2392BC upper limit of the Rigveda given by Shri P.V. Vartak.

  3. Are you missing a zero in the date you have stated?

    As of now, we have no distinct evidence to arrive at upper limit of Rigveda. However astronomy research is already pushing limits of Indic civilization beyond 30000 BCE.

    Combining this with geological and hydrology evidence..we can point to 50000 BCE through 5000 BCE as a broad time interval for Rigveda.

    Feel very confident about the lower limit of 5000 BCE.

    Hope this helps

    • Yes I did miss a zero. Shri P.V. Vartak’s date is 23092 BC

      And thank you for giving me your time. Can I ask when your next two works on the Mahabharat will be published. Eagerly Waiting to get them

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