Mars evidence of Mahabharata text

“Never accept an idea as long as you yourself, are not satisfied with its consistency and logical structure on which the concepts are based.”

– Padmavibhushan Satyandra Nath Bose

The following presentation lists 6 instances of Mar evidence of Mahabharata text.  Majority of  Mahabharata researchers (with few exceptions such as Lele, Vartak and Kane) refer to only one or two of these 6 references to justify their proposed date for the Mahabharata war.

These researchers act as if the other 4-5 instances of Mars descriptions (references) simply do not exist.  These researchers do this because otherwise their proposals will be falsified.  Of course this is most non-scientific way of doing research.  These Mahabharata researchers and their blind supporters hope that consumers of their research won’t notice this nonsense.  Naturally these faulty proposals remain in circulation and many more new dates are added to this existing quagmire of ‘Chronology of Mahabharata war’.

But those who do understand the importance of corroborating these 6 Mars evidence of Mahabharata text for any proposed date of Mahabharata war fail to understand how these 6 descriptions of Mars are corroborated for 5561 BCE (my proposal, originally proposed by Dr. P V Vartak) as the year of Mahabharata war.

In this part, I want to link the video where I discuss these 6 observations.

Mars moving ‘vakra’ per my theory of ‘vakar’ motion of Mahabharata text.

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Parts 6, 7, and 8 refer to observations of Mahabharata text where 7 planets are described as either (1) near Sun, (2) going away from the Sun or (3) attacking the moon.  These observations do not specifically refer to ‘Mars’ as one of the planets.

These observations are equally interesting and crucial for any claim for the year of Mahabharata war, however not discussed here for brevity.

Jupiter moving ‘vakra’ per my theory of ‘vakra’ motion of Mahabharata text.

I will end this note with a link to the blog I wrote some 9 months ago, very much in the context of explaining Mars motions of Mahabharata time.

Unless one understands the context, it is impossible to understand the corroboration and consistency of a theory.  Of course this is true of all evidence and all theories, but here I am referring to, specifically, my theory of ‘Vakra’ motion of planets (Mars and Jupiter) as described in the text of Mahabharata.

To be continued…..



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