What does the Mahabharata text thinks of the claim of 3139 BCE?

Someone who used to abuse me, after my 2011 publication of ‘Mahabharata’ book, has found new love for me, it seems! πŸ™‚

He wrote, yesterday….

“Dear Mr. Nilesh Oak,
I came to know that Ms, Saroj Bala had presented a paper proposing 3139 BCE date for the Mahabharata. Have you read the paper amd what do you think of this date?
(Name withheld)

My response…

Of course I have read the paper.

Ms. Saroj Bala arguments are, at best, juvenile.

However since she is not the first one to propose 3139 BCE, it is better that we go to the original source, i.e. Mahabharata text and ask the question…”What would Mahabharata text or the author(s) of Mahabharata text would think of 3139 BCE?”

And this is what Mahabharata text or its author(s) would think of 3139 BCE.


Not a single reference of Mahabharata text (astronomy, geology, hydrology, etc.) will allow one to arrive at 3139 BCE or for that matter anytime around 3000 BCE +/- 1000 years as the timing of Mahabharata war.


NO IFS and/or BUTS.


2 thoughts on “What does the Mahabharata text thinks of the claim of 3139 BCE?

  1. Dear Dr Oak, Interesting article with proofs from astronomy. I have few more observations about
    1. Shukracharya- Mayan culture calendar depended on Venus like we have it is based on Moon. Thus Anybody knows how to predict season based on Venus (Shukra)movement was revered. (Shukracharya.
    2. In Mayan culture there is a head figurine on the top of entrance house. Like Indians has Ganapati. The story of one Asur who was follower of Shiva, before being killed by Shiva asked a boon “People should pray me before they worship you.” Shiv agreed and cut his head and put than figurine on the pedestal of entry of Mahadev mandir. We first touch him. In Philadelphia or Boston Museum I saw the Head figurine under Mayan culture. The picture is exactly same as we see in Shiv mandir.
    3. When asked a question why Muslims worship ‘Kaaba’ answer was all the celestial power enters at Kaaba. This currently happens at North and south pole. Accepting the altered history of tilting of Earth it might be possible that Kaaba was north pole. Based on altered north pole in Ramayan this can be calculated backtime.
    4. Mars is Bhumiputra, (Bhouma) which happened by interaction of earth and moon. Then it is possible that as moon entered as external as moon of earth the interaction cleaved the large portion of earth and created Mars. It is possible that initial life which was just started at that time remains even today on Mars.
    5. Despite of having such a great kingdoms how come we do not mentions Egypt, eagle and snake fights etc, current Iraq etc. In Rommel novel of desert fox there is a map of Iran region which mentions Maitreyi range.
    There can be more if we look at the Pre-Columbus culture and scriptures and try to find similarities. Red Indians or even Indians has names which defines their deeds. So Duryodhan is called some areas in UP as Suyodhan.
    I feel people like you can form a big groups to define the “Indian-World” history.My details are available in format necessary to fill.
    I can be connected any time on these.

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