But, but…. where is the archaeological evidence?

An Indic researcher wrote, after watching my presentation at Swadeshi Indology conference-2, here –

“So, there should be archaeological evidence to match the astronomical evidence.”

My Response…

Why limit ourselves to ONLY archaeological evidence?

We should be, by luck of course, able to find evidence that corroborates astronomy evidence from various other disciplines of science….

(1) Archaeology

(2) Hydrology

(3) Climatology

(4) Oceanography

(5) Geology

(6) Seismology

(7) Paleo-botany

(8) Paleontology

(9) Anthropology

(10) Genetics

(11) Linguistics

(12) Genealogies of Kings and Rishis

(13) History of astronomy, agriculture and technology…on and on.

As of now, The astronomy evidence presented by me has seen impressive corroboration with existing (i.e. identified, found and tested) evidence of








(8) genealogies of historical kings but also Rishis.

It has also corroborated well with history, and additional non Ramayana/Mahabharata related evidence, of astronomy.

My claims for chronology of Ramayana and Mahabharata have provided numerous additional clues for the chronology of Rigveda, Yajurveda and other Vedas.

Of course, much more detailed work is required in this area.

Although a sidebar, I could also research and demystify problems such as (1) Draupadi Vastraharan (2) deep and long sleep episodes of Kumbhakarna and many more. All of these works will be published in future.

Impressive indeed! won’t you agree?

As with any scientific field and claims, my research has also led to additional and newer problems of higher complexity.

I will enumerate few, by way of illustration:

(1) No archaeological evidence, as of today, that is identified, found and tested, that matches/corroborates with descriptions of either Ramayana or Mahabharata texts

(2) Current understanding of sciences – specifically oceanography, geology (earth crust displacement and tectonic movements) neither support nor deny ‘need’ for Nala -setu in 12209 BCE, year of Rama-Ravana yuddha, per my claim.

(3) No technology evidence as of today that would allow corroboration for descriptions of Pushpak vimana, flying abilities of numerous (but not all) Vanara and flying abilities of numerous (but not all) Ravana clan members.

There are many more.

My hope is that enthusiastic and capable researchers will come forward and work on these exciting problems.


3 thoughts on “But, but…. where is the archaeological evidence?

  1. Regarding “Archaeology and related empirical evidences” :
    “what more proof does one need, when one has the proof of stars themselves, staring at us, trying to hint us about greatest secrets, that somehow we have forgotten to take notice of ?”

    It seems that modern education and value system has corrupted the human intelligence being a point in which we have stopped listening to our gut…..

  2. Hi Nilesh,
    Your work is indeed very fascinating. I would definitely try to get my hands on your books. It would be great, however, if you could list out the references or describe if possible these other impressive corroboration that you find with your astronomical claims. That would be quite an interesting read.
    One more thought that is going through me and if you could please comment on that it would be nice. There is high possibility that the epics were written by sages who understood astronomy and were able to understand motion of stars and they may have used it in their writings. Some thing like the movie interstellar where real facts and physics went in but in the end it still is a movie.

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