Estimados indólogos, Adios! (Polemic, rhetorical and postmodern kind)

Time for dull Indologists to rouse from their rhetorical, postmodernist and polemical slumber.

Only as an illustration…..


Architect,  (Rupa Bhaty) – Nomenclature and identification of nakshatra Mrigashirsha from ancient narratives


Ex-plastics salesperson,  (Nilesh Oak) – Dating of numerous events from ancient Indian narratives;  Fall of Abhijit – 14500 BCE, Trishanku – 13500 BCE, Ramayana –  12209 BCE, Mahabharata – 5561 BCE


Retired civil engineer,  (Prabhakar Phadnis) – Age of Drona (85), Short Lunar Paksha, alternate definitions for ‘Fall of Abhijit’


Retired school teacher,  (Wim Borsboom) – Re-engineering of western alphabets, from Indic languages and scripts (~3500 BCE)


Ex-ISRO scientist,  (Anil Narayanan) – Ancient epochs of Surya Siddhanta (7200-7800 BCE, 5300 BCE)


Artist & Amateur Sitar player, (Uschi Ringleb) – Connection of Polynesian languages with Sanskrit,


Government employee, (Vedveer Arya)  – jigsaw puzzle of Buddha era, Shaka & Vikrama era and confusion of Gupta & Maurya (1865 BCE, ~600 BCE)


Bank clerk, (Shrikant Talageri ) – Historical sequence/chronology of Rigveda Mandala)


Cat breeder, (Sue Sullivan) – First meaningful and only testable (scientific that is) attempt at deciphering IVC aka Sindhu-Sarasvati Script


Medical doctor, (Padmakar Vishnu Vartak) – Dating of events and identification of technologies from ancient Indian naratives (too many to list)

a long list…..(to be updated).


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