Ancient Indian History – Chronology

Fall of Abhijit ~15,000 BCE

King Trishanku & Sage Vishwamitra & Pratisrushti of Vishwamitra – ~ 13,500 BCE

Ramayana – 12,240 BCE – 12,196 BCE

Rama-Ravana Yuddha  – 12,209 BCE

Taittiriaya Samhita – ~ 9,000 BCE

Surya Siddhanta (Nakshatra Latitudes) – 7,200 BCE – 7,800 BCE

Mahabharata War – 5,561 BCE

Flooding & destruction of Dwarka – 5,525 BCE

Surya Siddhanta (Equation of the Sun) – 5,300 BCE

Sushruta Samhita – ~4,000 BCE

Shatapatha Brahmana update ~3,000 BCE

Maitrayani Upanishad – ~2,000 BCE

Sushruta Samhita (update) – ~2,000 BCE

Buddha Nirvana – 1,865 BCE

Purana updates (Vishnu Purana, Bhagavat Purana) – ~1,600 BCE – 1,700 BCE

Mahavira Nirvana – 1,189 BCE


One thought on “Ancient Indian History – Chronology

  1. Namaste Sir,
    Haven’t spoken to you in a long time.
    Always a great learning experience from your articles.

    My question are that:

    Firstly here you have given that Buddha nirvana at 1865 BC can you please explain how you came to this conclusion and what about other Tibetan claims that take the date back to 2422 BC?

    Second question is that there was to be some sort of collaboration work with you and Mr Vedveer Arya any progress on that?

    Third can you please give us a list of the topics of your future books? Eagerly waiting for them.

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