Two poison pills

There were and there are numerous efforts to determine the timing of Mahabharata war. At one level, they all are to be welcomed. Having said that, good number of them are puerile, juvenile and idiotic. If one is not careful, one may end up wasting a lot of time and efforts – arguing with creator(s) of such efforts.

Numerous readers, of my books/blogs, and Mahabharata or Ramayana enthusiasts continue to make me aware of these efforts and request me to respond by critiquing such puerile efforts. While I do reserve my right to employ any of these efforts as an illustration to demonstrate lack of scientific depth or lack of coherent and rational thinking,  as a rule, I prefer not to respond.

There are many reasons for my decision. One of them is that any time a researcher agrees to argue, discuss, critique any such dogmatic and/or irrational efforts, it creates an illusion of equal standing.

Poison pills

I explained this position of mine to those individuals who wrote to me. However, the requests keep pouring in. Some of them, alternately, asked for some ‘poison pills’ (not their words…but they intended the same) they could use in arguing with these ‘wasteful’ efforts.

Thus, I list two poison pills, for what they are worth…..

(1) AV observation – No Mahabharata war after 4508 BCE. NO IFS & BUTS. Period.

(2) Bhishma Nirvana – No Mahabharata war after 4774 BCE. NO IFS & BUTS. Period.


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