Desired & recommended approach to researches in Ancient Indian history

Shri Vedveer Arya and Shri Dharmic Fundamentalist have stated the desired (and recommended) approach to further researches of ancient Indian history.  I agree with the approach 100% and I have nothing to add of my own to what they have stated.

Shri Vedveer Arya writes…

“The earliest epigraphic evidence of Kaliyuga (3102) is 2625 (478 BCE). Aryabhata’s date yet to be fixed (360 or 3600). Evidently 3600 is wrong. At the least, not less than 1000 BC. Thus, the epoch of Kaliyuga is very old and all Indian literary and epigraphic evidence leads to the epoch of 3102 BC and Puranas were written considering MB around 3138 BC. At present, we have to take traditional date of MB to reconcile entire chronology from 3138 BCE to 1700 AD. Once we succeed in this mission, we can debate on the authenticity of tradition. If we reject or doubt our own traditional evidence right now, leftist and western scholars will get free hand to conveniently reject or accept the data. Therefore, we must uphold the authenticity of traditional data till we conclusively prove the modern chronology wrong.”

Shri Dharmic Fundamentalist writes…

“I think what is indisputable is the start of Kālīyuga. At the moment based on Nilesh Nilkanth Oak ji’s work, I consider the time of Mahabharata as a choice between two good theories, the Puranic tradition and the archaeo-astronomical view of the internal Mahabharata tradition as per Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’s findings………………….. However important is that the later history of India is more or less independent of MB time, untangled from MB time. The dependence is mostly on epoch of Kālīyuga and even Yudhisthira Samvat could be correctly or erroneously have been interpreted as relative to Kālīyuga…………… What I mean is that later on Yudhisthira Samvat’s epoch could have been reset to 3138 BC, just in case one decides to give credence to Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’s theory of 5561 BCE as MB War, thus keeping many of the dates expressed in Yudhisthira era useful for the post 3102 BC history……………………….. Ideally we should try to work on the two phases of Indian history separately, the phase before 3102 BC and the phase after 3102 BC.”

Shri Vedveer Arya wrote…

“In fact, the epoch of Kaliyuga was evidently fixed by Indian astronomers and Puranic history and available epigraphic evidence unambiguously follows 3102 BC. Now it will be interesting to research how MB got linked with 3102 BC.”

It is indeed very interesting and critical problem to solve.

I assert that I have solved it, here…..


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