Framework for knowledge production and consumption – Part 4

Knowledge Consumers

Framework for Knowledge - 4

1.Preserver of Tradition

Knowledge that is retained, reproduced and distributed, without concern for if all of it can be validated, and is done based on the drive for ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Nishtha’, and is done with the intention of preserving the ancient records and narratives for the benefit of posterity.

A consumer of such knowledge preserves this knowledge via his own learning and by distributing it to the interesting parties.

Such an effort is of a ‘Sativik’ kind and one who retains/reproduces or distributes such knowledge is to be congratulated.

S/he is a Preserver of Tradition!

2. Dharmic Superstar

Knowledge that is produced based on all the relevant and testable evidence is of a ‘Satvik’ and thus of a ‘Dharmic’ kind.

A consumer of such knowledge invests in comprehending such knowledge by learning new skills.  Such consumer preserves this knowledge via his own learning and by distributing it to the interesting parties.

Such a consumer is to be congratulated.

S/he is a Dharmic Superstar!

3. Tamasic Believer

An arbitrary or selective truth claim based on ancient records or narratives, that is not testable with the availability of current background knowledge or technology, is espoused and flaunted, to claim either deep antiquity or existence of sophisticated technology/skill/progress for a specific culture and civilization of antiquity.

Such individual avoids logical and rational discussion and sticks to his interpretation ( either borrowed or his own) in a dogmatic fashion.  Frequently these individuals will quote authorities and may even refer to passages from ancient records or narratives to initiate an argument or participate in one of them.  Beyond these minimal comprehension and related activities, their trait is that of inaction.

One may confuse such  an individual as a ‘Dharmic’ individual.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Such individuals may be religious and may show religious fervor, but their mindset should not be confused with a Dharmic mindset.

S/he is a zealot.  S/he is a Tamasic Believer!

4. Superficial Consumer

An arbitrary or selective works are consumed and distributed by these individuals in reaching hasty conclusions.  They lack ability to compare and contrast between alternative theories and/or proposals.

The very selection of such arbitrary or selective evidence is, typically, made due to ‘agenda’ of proving or justifying a ‘specific’ conclusion. Testing of arbitrary or selective evidene may also occur, albeit rarely, due to ignorance of the scientific and rational method of analyzing/evaluating a ‘truth claim’. The focus of  selection and evaluation here is based on justification, pursuation, distraction and confusion via discussion of irrelevant subjects and special pleading. Acts of justification may include referring to authorities, and traditions. Naturally the final outcome is based on the evidence that is a blend of ‘testable’ and ‘non-testable’ evidence.

While selective and arbitrary evidence that tends to support one’s theory/proposal is presented in a positive light, all other relevant evidence that would have otherwise falsified or contradicted the very theory/proposal is either conviniently ignored or explained away.

S/he is a Superficial Consumer!

In the next part, we will explore how the axes of our framework affect ‘Falsifiability‘,  and ‘Simplicity

To be continued…


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