Triangulation: Genetics, Linguistics & Astronomy

A researcher wrote…

Not only is M417 date important, M17 (R1a1a*) is important as well. Underhill’s paper assigns a coalescence date of 14 kya for R1a1a* (xM458) with its highest diversity in Indus Valley! Its presence in Poland is 11.2kya. So, its clear that M17 moved from Indus Valley area to Europe.

A genetics researcher responded…

M17 date is too back in past and I don’t know if language and religion can be projected that back. 10k year is long long time. I do believe that people did migrate out of India after last ice age. One thing I would mention is that diversity is function of effective population size and time depth. Higher diversity by itself is not sufficient to prove that mutation first occurred in India.

A¬†medical professional responded to concern of genetics researcher…

No disrespect meant, but that statement is based on mental conditioning only. Even genetics papers have authors who are mentally conditioned to accept existing racist language spread claims in existing texts based on 19th century theories. But few people including you seem to realize that there are astronomical dates in ancient texts that are very credible and consistent. Forum member Nilesh Oak has written a book on the issue.

So yes, language and religion have both been projected back to as far back as 8000 years ago or more.




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