Antiquity & Epoch(s) of Arundhati

Someone asked….

BTW, A can be ahead of V only in 5000 BCE? It is cyclic right? Surely, you can go back further in time and find more instances when A was head of V. Then, why can’t MB be in that timeframe if you are arguing that A was indeed ahead of V during MB?

My response…

Excellent question!

The phenomenon of ‘precession of equinoxes’ is indeed cyclic and it is part of the reason Arundhati (A)  was seen as walking ahead of Vasishtha (V), during 11091 BCE – 4508 BCE.

However there is another phenomenon called ‘proper motions’ of stars and the magnitude and direction of proper motions for Arundhati and Vasishtha are such that Epoch of Arundhati (11091 BCE – 4508 BCE) is the only instance, as far as past is concerned, when Arundhati walked ahead of Vasishtha.

This means no plausible timing for Mahabharata war before 11091 BCE and also after 4508 BCE. NO IFS and/or BUTS

Hope this helps.


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