Saroj Bala’s Maha (Bharat) Misadventure series – Part 2

Shrimati Saroj Bali ji claims the following:

(the picture below is from her blog)

Saroj Bala MBH -3

Shrimati Saroj Bali ji claims that two editions of Mahabharata text were employed – (1) by Parimal Prakashan and (2) BORI Critical edition.

She further claims that astronomical references from Sabha, Vana, Udyog, Bhishma, Shalya, Shanti & Mausal parvas were dated sequentially.

My Response…

It is not clear why Shrimati Saroj Bala ji decided not to include numerous astronomy references from Adi, Virat, Drona, Karna, Stri, Sauptic, Anushasan and Ashwamedhic parvas of the Mahabharata text.

Be as it may, since she did include astronomy references from Bhishma Parva, I wrote the following to her:

Saroj Bala ji,

A picture from this blog of yours claim that 18 Parvas of Mahabharata are ‘verified’ and that you have reached the conclusion for 3139 BCE as the year of the Mahabharata war.

Would you please explain how Arundhati-Vasistha observation of Bhishma Parva 2:31 is explained for your date of 3139 BCE.

And while we are on the subject, would you kindly tell me the date, per your timeline for the day of Bhishma Nirvana.

Kind regards,

Nilesh Oak

I will let you (readers) know her response when I receive it from her.

Readers may recall that astronomy observation of Bhishma parva 2:31 states that “at the time of Mahabharata war, Arundhati (star Alcor) could be seen walking ahead of Vasistha (star Mizar).

I have shown the time interval for this phenomenon to be from 11091 BCE and until 4508 BCE, i.e. 1500 years before the claimed year of Saroj Bala ji (3139 BCE).

In fact, beginning with 4508 BCE (i.e. for last ~6500 years, Vasistha is walking ahead of Arundhati).





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