Rig Vedic & Modern ‘VARUNA’: Interesting coincidence

Rig Vedic Varuna can be identified with the YogaTara of nakshatra Ardra (Alhena).


It is then interesting to note down discovery of an asteroid made on 28 November 2000 CE.

20000 Varuna is a Kuiper Belt asteroid(orbiting beyond the orbit of Neptune), with a period of 284 years, 315 days. It was discovered at 10 Cancer 29 on 28 November 2000 at 9:51 a.m. MST at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, AZ by Robert S. McMillan, who named it for the Hindu god of the waters.

Varuna was discovered when it was making passage in sidereal Gemini, near the foot of Castor but conjoining the principal star Alhena, the foot of Pollux

Varuna is also associated with clouds and rain, and is credited with sustaining life by virtue of giving rain and crops.

Varuna is sometimes described as having a thousand eyes with which he oversees the whole world, or as encompassing the entire world. Varuna means “he who covers” in Sanskrit.

It is interesting (and only coincidental) that the discovery of Asteroid Varuna was made when it was very near the ecliptic and next to star of Rig Vedic Varuna (Alhena).

Modern Varuna (Asteroid Varuna – red dot shown by label pointer line) and Rig Vedic Varuna (Alhena) are marked in the sky diagram, below, for the day of 28 November 2000 CE.

Rigvedic & Modern Varuna




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