Rigvedic identification of Varuna


Rig Veda 1:24 & 25 state…

Rig Veda 1-24 & 25 Varuna identification

Rig Veda 1:24:7-8

(Supremely pure Varuna establishes extraordinary effulgent spread in the sky.  This effulgence is facing downward and is filled with amazing stars.

Varuna has assigned a path for Sun’s journey)

Rig Veda 1:25:7-9

(Varuna knows the path of those flying in the sky and those travelling through boats in the sea. (Varuana is employed as guiding star by these!?)

Varuna knows and is the moderator of twelve month calendar,and, also knows the usage of 13th Adhika-masa.

Varuna also knows the beings of the sky, of the wide, big, beautiful path, traversing through the sky.)

Rig Veda 1:25:12-13

(Let Aditi-putra Varuana walk along the auspicious path.  Varuna wears golden shield and is surrounded by bright luminous stars from all sides.)

Rig Veda 10:14 states…

RigVeda 10-14-68

(Our ancestors – Angiras, Atharva, Bhrugu, etc. have arrived and desiring ‘soma’. Let them bless us. Let them widen this auspicious path for us.)

(O Pita, Follow the path that was followed by our ancestors.  Observe Yama and Varuna, here)

(Join your ancestors, and by becoming free from undesirable activities, attain to effulgent form)

(The place is been designated for the final journey of individuals.  Yama has assigned this place for the dead)

(O Pita (Mruta-atma), Quickly approach the ‘Yama-Loka’, along with two Shwan of Yama (who have 4 effulgent eyes), where ancestors live happily)

(O Yama, with the assistance of your two illustrious Shwan (of 4 eyes) who protect this place and the path, protect Mrita-atma)

(All powerful, Prana-hanta and of long noses, these two Shwan of yours (O Yama), bestow us with ‘Prana’ in the form of sun-rays)

Based on above references, Shri Prabhakar Vyankatesh Holay (P V Holay) suggested identification of Varuna with the star Al-hena.

I leave it to readers to go through the Rigvedic verses (above) and sky diagram of relevant portion of the sky (below) to comprehend and appreciate ‘identification of Varuna with that of star Al-hena’.

Once a reader comprehends the above identification, s/he would be ready to understand the relevance of this identification, and its consequences for ancient Indian astronomy and thus ancient Indian history.

View of Milky way with two Shwan of Yama (of Rig Veda), Vyadha (Sirius – Canis Major) and  Punarvasu-3 (Procyon -Canis- Minor), guarding the path (milky way). Varuna (Al-hena) is at the center of the sky diagram.

Rigvedic Identification of Varuna



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    • When exactly (and why?) this identification occurred is hard to determine, but
      Not impossible.

      I am trying to address it via another method.

      Will see. Fingers crossed.

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