Effect of Non-conservative estimate: Bhishma Nirvana & MBH War

A reader wrote (in the context of my blog article of yesterday) …


“You consider Margashirsha Shukla 1 or amavas (day before) as the first day of Kurukshetra Yuddha.  But our tradition believes that Margashirsha Shukla Ekadashi is the day of Gita Jayanti and thus first day of the war.

Thus, while I accept your logic of Bhishma lying on Shara-shayya for more than 90 days, I think if you adjust for this starting point of war, the timing of Kurukshetra war can come down to 3101 BC.

All traditional scholars accept 3101 BC as the year of Mahabharata and also beginning of Kaliyuga.”

My Response…

I will focus on the first day of Mahabharata war. Rest of the speculations of Kaliyuga, beginning of Kaliyuga, 3101 BCE, etc. would collapse instantaneously, not unlike  a bridge made with a pack of playing cards.

To restate –

Mahabharata text evidence shows a MINIMUM time duration of 92 days for Bhishma on the bed of arrows.  Actual duration has to be equal to and more likely greater than 92 days.

Also the effect of moving the first day of Mahabharata war from Margashirsha Shukla 1 (or day before – i.e. Amawasya) would push the lower limit of this happening in further antiquity, and NOT pull it forward to 3101 BCE.


If someone, albeit wrongly, assumes that Mahabharata war began on Margashirsha Shukla 11, this would mean the earliest Tithi for Bhishma Nirvana also needs to be moved (by 12 days) from Phalguna Shukla 13 to Phalguna Vadya/Krishna 10.

This means now the lower limit on the timing of Bhishma Nirvana, and thus Mahabharata war, would be:

(81+12) X 72 = 6696 years ago, or approximately  before 4700 BCE!




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