History of Indian Luni-solar calendar – Part 1

“If you are going to start a movement, make it intolerant of nonsense.”

– Nassim Taleb

This would be a long series that would address existing knowledge of tradition of Indian Luni-solar calendar, going back at least for 24000 years in antiquity.

Besides covering developments (more appropriately – changes and modifications) that have happened over millennia, I hope to bring together stray references to calendar adjustments from ancient Indian literature (Samhita, Brahmanas, Sutras, Arsha-Kavyas and Siddhantas) that would only amaze you of the precision and ingenuity of ancient Indian luni-solar calendar.

Consider listening to this lecture by Prof. C K Raju, multiple times and until one internalizes various aspects he mentions, as a prerequisite  for future posts in this series.

Here is Prof. C K Raju, (Purva-Paksha) on false claims (and wickedness) behind prevalent  Gregorian (and also Julian) calendars.

A Tale of Two Calendars


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