To know the truth

Today, a reader (of my blog) wrote…

“This is really interesting. What we need is the following:

1.All astronomical evidences in Mahabharata (original and not bhasyas) parva by parva

2.The way calendars and astronomical calculations done during those era

3. Candidates that satisfy for each evidences (a table perhaps)

4.Final candidates and why

This will be a great endeavor, as we all want the same thing – to know the truth!

Your clarity of understanding seems to help here…

My Response…

Your wish fulfilled, 4 years in advance!  Read my Mahabharata book, published in 2011.  At amazon.”

Factual content and humor of above conversation aside, my first book (When did the Mahabharata War Happen? : The Mystery of Arundhati) indeed does justice to all 4 distinct and specific points listed by this reader.

(1) All astronomical (includes everything and excludes nothing!) evidences from Mahabharata and from all 18 parvas of Mahabharata, whenever and wherever they were found – descriptions of seasons during timing of departure, timing of wedding(s), timing of fighting, positions and unique motions of planets and stars, solar and lunar eclipses, phases and positions of the moon, partial conjunctions of planets, timing of winter solstice, chronology observations with implications for astronomy evidence.  List is longer.

(2) There are only 3 references that specifically refer to Calendar of Mahabharata time.  They were included and made good use of.

(3) AV observation and ‘Bhishma Nirvana (BN) observations’ independently and also together placed a lower bound of 4500 BCE and ~4000 BCE on the timing of Mahabharata War.  This in turn, eliminated, with mathematical precision, 96% of some 130+ claims for the year of Mahabharata war, leaving behind 4 claims to sort from.  4 claims by Dikshit, Lele, Modak & Vartak, which were in turned reduced to claim of Dr. Vartak for 16 October 5561 BCE (per Julian calendar, extended in antiquity)as the only valid claim, as far as historical and current claims are concerned.

(4) Numerous astronomy observations, amounting to >200+ astronomy and chronology observations, led to not only validation of 16 October 5561 BCE as the first day of Mahabharata war, but also numerous critical corrections to timeline for pre- and post- Mahabharata war incidents, leading to 30/31 January 5560 BCE  as the day of Bhishma Nirvana.

By luck, this happened.

What more can be expected of us mortals!

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