Seemingly insignificant

An inspired and impressed reader writes…

(Letter is long, I have reproduced small portion of it)

” Not sure what exactly I was searching for, but search led me to your blog and then for next 3 days I read and re-read articles on your blog. then ordered your books. read them each in one sitting. I fell to understand why are is this not understood by our historians. My head is spinning. I am amazed how you thought of something too insignificant – merely two lines out of more than lakhs verses – to find out timing of both Mahabharata and Ramayana.”

My Response…

By luck!  Lucky in the sense that my discoveries were not anticipated by greats such as  Lokamanya Tilak, Shankar Balakrishna Dikshit, P V Holay, P V Vartak and many other such capable individuals.

As to the point of ‘too insignificant’, one may remember that all revolutionary discoveries have come out of ‘insignificant’ or ‘irrelevant’ sounding problems and their ultimate solutions.

In words of Prof. C K Raju,

“Seemingly insignificant details which inconveniently do not fit into a facile general pattern are the stuff that the achievements of scientific theories are anchored upon.”



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