AV observation: Celestial to Terrestrial transformation

(Courtesy: Mathematics Professor AmberG)

All Math-whiz should try solving this problem, to test or to refresh their math skills.

Here is the problem:

There is a town called Arundhati, its longitude is 165.88 degrees and latitude is 56.6 degrees (N)
There is a near by town called Vasistha and its Long = 165.70 and lat = 56.4 degrees.

We are also given that magnetic north pole moves around arctic circle making one round in 26000 years in uniform motion. Arctic circle is 23.5 degrees south of north pole. At present (Yr 2012) the longitude of the magnetic north pole is exactly zero (of course the latitude is 66.5 degrees N)

Now all I have a magnetic compass, using this which direction (shown by magnetic compass) should I take if I want to go from Vasistha to Arundhati. Does answer depends on the location of the magnetic pole? Do I have to move slightly eastward or westward? Does that answer depend on the location of the magnetic pole?

I found that at certain time in the past, Muni X, going from Vasistha to Arundhati, went in the direction shown exactly as magnetic north (using a magnetic compass). What era did he live in?

(You may use a graph paper, calculator or other computing device of your choice 🙂 )


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