Twisting & Un-twisting of Mahabharata Story

Shri Phadnis writes…

We can see that the time line proposed by Shri. Achar violates two facts very clearly stated in the text itself, viz.,


Krishna started from Upaplavya after the end of Sharad Ritu which is further borne out by his description of dry ground, plenty of grass etc. at kurukshetra, when he invited the Kouravas to begin war in 7 days (Vyasa’s description matches)



Bhishma spent 58 painful nights on the deathbed, as he himself clearly stated just before dying on Winter Solstice. As an ordinary reader of Mahabharat I would expect the Researchers not to distort these main elements of the story, to suit the so-called astronomical observations. Based on Bhishma expiring after 57 days (58 nights) on deathbed and that he fought for first 10 days of the war, the start of the war has to be 66-67 days before the winter solstice. This makes it about 23-24 days after Autumnal equinox. This period is enough for Krishna Shishtai and both sides reaching Kurukshetra. This is a natural time for start of war and matches with what Krishna and Vyasa have said. The whole story of the war is between Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice.

Regrettably, both Shri. Oak and Shri. Achar have twisted the main story which is not acceptable to me as a reader of Mahabharata.”

My Response…

Shri Phadnis made these comments as part of his criticism for claim of Prof. Achar where Prof. Achar claims that he has validated original proposal of Prof. Srinivas Raghavan for 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata war.

I have already shown (via blog articles) that claim of 3067 BCE is a disaster in every conceivable way possible. I will limit my comments to last two lines of Shri Phadnis where he alleges that I have (not unlike Prof. Achar) has also twisted the main story of Mahabharata.

I will also limit my comments to two key points Shri Phadnis has made – A) and B)

A) I have accepted that Mahabharata description of Krishna leaving for Hastinapur, on a peace mission, ‘after the end of pre-autumn (Sharad -ante) and at the beginning of autumn (Hima -agame) conflicts with my proposed timeline for Krishna leaving for Hastinapur.

I will make two point in this context.

(1) No other researchers (among ~130+ attempts) have shown timing of Krishna leaving for Hastinapur, on a peace mission, to be at the end of pre-autumn and at the beginning of autumn.

(2) This very reference of Krishna leaving for Hastinapur, on peace mission, at the end of Sharad season, conflicts with numerous references of Mahabharata text. I ask Shri Phadnis or  other researchers to show me how he (or they) plan to solve this problem instead of regretting and then alleging that I have twisted the story of Mahabharata.

B)  It is true that all past researchers have deluded themselves in believing that Bhishma was on the bed of arrows for ONLY 58 nights, based on one selective reference.

To my amazement, all of them have ignored 20+ Mahabharata references which lead to the conclusion that Bhishma was indeed on the bed of arrows for >92 days.

If one understands ‘rebuttal = attempt to refute’, then Shri Phadnis has made a worthy, but ultimately unsuccessful effort, to counter my claim for Bhishma on the bed of arrows for >92 days.  I encourage readers to read through numerous blog articles (of Shri Phadnis and my blog), critique it further and test the evidence against various available truth claims for the year of Mahabharata war.

Anyone who is convinced that Mahabharata war occurred anytime after 4000 BCE must show error of (and corresponding inferences due to) following Mahabharata text evidence.

(1) AV observation (No Mahabharata war after 4508 BCE)

(2) Bhishma on bed of arrows for >92 days (No Mahabharata war after ~4000 BCE)

We have some 125+ attempts in this category.

Silence of these researchers in debating these two sets of observations or their inability to falsify inferences arising out of these two sets of observations should be interpreted as their acceptance of falsity of their own proposals.


2 thoughts on “Twisting & Un-twisting of Mahabharata Story

  1. About Bhishma Nirvan your claim is not supported by independent references. You have built up the time line based on various actions of Pandavas before they and Krishna visited Bhishma and then just the one statement of Krishna mentioning 56 days. Whether they were ‘balance still’ or ‘total’ is debatable. As against that there is a clear statement of Bhishma of 57 days, NOT contradicted then or any other time by anyone. So dont claim numerical superiority! It is just one to one!
    About ‘sharadante’ where are any specific mentions of Krishna starting before end of rainy season? Start of war well before end of rains is against ‘nature’ and could never happen.

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