Illustration: How to challenge an interpretation with evidence

I had made a case for duration of Bhishma-Yudhishthir dialogue equal to 6 days in my book.

I also showed evidence for this assertion of mine by two different methods (based on Mahabharata evidence), here…

Shri Phadnis has pointed out a problem (albeit minor) with portion of my interpretation. I thank him for brining it to my attention. I stand corrected.

What follows is his comment followed by my response (relevant portions highlighted in bold)

Shri Phadnis wrote….

“I am not serious about whether Yudhishthira -Bhishma dialogue was for 3 days or 6 days. First three days are clear. One day with big army and two days with only his brothers and Krishna. There is no specific mention of end of dialogue and Yudhishthir returning on third day. Shri. Oak refers to Yudhishthira returning from Bhishma and then having a talk with his four brothers and Vidura and from that, infers that he must have gone alone that day and therefore it was a fourth day. There is a little problem here. End of the dialogue just before this meeting with the five was, Bhishma talking to NAKULA about the importance of sword in battle etc. So Yudhishthira had not gone alone! However I have no problem with this being a fourth day. After the talk with the five (on a subject not discussed earlier with Bhishma I believe), it appears Yudhishthira again went to Bhishma on a fifth day. The sixth day when Dhritarashthra gandhari etc. had also gone is a long way hereafter in Anushasan Parva. I am comfortable with a six day dialogue. More important is the fact that Yudhishthira said to Bhishma that only a few days of Daxinayana remain. (GP 302-4). This occurs in CE also so it is authentic. ‘A few days’ or 50 days?”

Nilesh Oak responded…

“You are right. Shanti GP 166:2, Nakul is indeed present and asks the question. I stand corrected.

This means, I can conclusively talk about only 5 days worth of chronological evidence for this 6 day long dialogue of Bhishma-Yudhishthir.



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