Ramayana & Astronomic ambrosia

Shri Virendra ji wrote…

“Good development finally, hoping to see some engagement/interaction soon. This may be the start of a long manthan-duel after which some astronomic ambrosia can be expected 🙂 Good luck to all including Nilesh ji, SarojBala ji.”

My Response…

I hope so too.

I have provided my criticism of the work of Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar, viz. the claim for Rama-Janma (and thus Ramayana) occurring on 10 January 5114 BCE in my book ‘The Historic Rama’.

Shrimati Saroj Bala and others who support the claim of Rama-Janma (and thus Ramayana) in 5114 BCE may begin with rebuttal to my criticism of the work of late shri Pushkhar Bhatnagar.

In addition, they may also provide criticism of my Mahabharata Work. Both are required. My Mahabharata date (5561 BCE), originally proposed by Dr. P V Vartak, predates claim of 5114 BCE (for Ramayana) and, thus if not refuted, stands as a falsifying test for claim of 5114 BCE as the timing of Ramayana.

Shri Prabhakar Phadnis, through his work/criticism, of my proposal/theory for Mahabharata War (5561 BCE), has shown an illustration of criticism required and desired, if correction efforts for ancient Indian history has to make some progress.

Of course, what laypeople may not realize is how much efforts truly it takes to be able to provide such criticism.

The metaphor of ‘Samudramanthan’ and resultant ‘ambrosia’ plays out up in the sky, but also on the ground.


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