Caution desired in ancient Indian history research

A reader wrote, on my blog, brief note addressed to Shrimati Saroj Bala ji. Note is applicable to all researchers of Indian history and thus worth re-producing.

The reader wrote in the context of truth claims for the timing of Rama Janma that are floating around in media and also among Indian history enthusiasts.

Some of my recent blog articles, to explain the context, are:

Reader’s note below…

“Saroj Bala ji,

we are just about coming out of the AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) and the FaSAT (Faulty Sheet Anchor Theory) Maya. What we would do not wish is to fall into another deep ditch, and have trouble coming out. So before putting the Ramayana dates in stone, it is very important to get everybody on board, and that includes thinkers like Nilesh Nilkanth Oak.

We do not wish to see a people of your dedication in the cause of Bharata end up as another Romila Thapar. It’s not good for the psyche of Indians to have to put up with continuous revisions of facts presented as absolutely truth.

Please do consider an active dialogue with Nilesh Nilkanth Oak.”


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