Un-settled matter of Rama-Janma

I want to thank Shrimati Saroj ji Bala for recognizing the need for a rational discussion, criticism and debate as it relates to ancient Indian history in general, and timing of Rama- Janma (& Ramayana) in particular.

She feels that she was misquoted. I will leave it to Prof. Rajendra ji Gupta to clarify.

The relevant links to my blog articles are here:



There are 4+ proposals for the timing of Rama-Janma (and thus Ramayana)

They are:

(1) 29 November 12240 BCE (Julian Calendar) by Nilesh Oak

(2) 4 December 7323 BCE (Gregorian Calendar) by Dr. P V Vartak

(3) 10 January 5114 BCE (Julian Calendar) by Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar

(4) 17 January 10205 BCE (Julian Calendar) by Dr. S P Sabarathnma, N P Ramdurai & V Sundaram

I should also mention Shri Yardi’s proposal of ~1200 BCE for timing of Ramayana.

It appears, from comment of Shrimati Saroj Bala, that there is one ‘ Shri or Shrimati.Pitale’ who might have also proposed alternate timing for Ramayana.

Shrimati Saroj Bala comment below (followed by my brief response to her comment). She was commenting on input of Prof. Rajendra Gupta, after his visit to the exhibit in Delhi, yesterday.

Saroj Bala ji wrote…

“grossly misquoted! In fact I had told that “we had learnt from all, including Nilesh Oak, and we made verifications and found some gaps in many thesis including that of Nilesh Oak, Vartak and Pitale. We cordially invite Nilesh Oak Ji to study our work and then have discussion after the Exhibition”

While I leave it to Prof. Rajendra Gupta to clarify, this is what I wrote to Saroj Bala ji in response..

“Saroj ji, Thank you for your response. I will let Rajendra ji Gupta clarify his position. The bigger point is we must present our individual research/theory with full conviction, provide rational criticism for the work of others, recognize limitations and gap in our own research. Only method of rational criticism will lead to growth of knowledge in this much needed area of ancient Indian history.

I have studied works of Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar and also those of you (your books).


Nilesh Oak”

One thought on “Un-settled matter of Rama-Janma

  1. Good development finally, hoping to see some engagement/interaction soon.
    This may be the start of a long manthan-duel after which some astronomic ambrosia can be expected 🙂
    Good luck to all including Nilesh ji, SarojBala ji.

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