Multiple meanings of अरुन्धतीदर्शनन्यायः

As stated in Apte ‘Sanskrit-English’ dictionary…

Due to its faintness, the Arundhati used to be shown in steps, first showing the brighter stars, and then relative to that the faint Arundhati star is directed. The maxim in Sanskrit called the Arundhutīdarśananyāyaḥ (अरुन्धतीदर्शनन्यायः), used in the meaning of inferring the unknown from that which is known, is named after Arundhati.

As implied by decipherment of AV observation…

‘Arundhati walking ahead of Vasistha’ at the time of Mahabharata War was known. This information led to Epoch of Arundhati (11091 BCE – 4508 BCE) – time interval during which, it can be deductively shown that, Mahabharata War took place.


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