A reader reviews ‘The Historic Rama’

Latest amazon review for ‘The Histroric Rama’

I want to leave it to other readers, for now, to determine the pros and cons of objections and praise mentioned by this reader.

I want to thank Shri Hanmanth Lingannagari (the reviewer) for his input.

I agree with author’s description of Adika Masa and interpretation of nakshatras based on Hindu calendar (even though there are some flaws), that’s why I give two stars.

The author proposed 12200BC as the period of Ramayana, which seems to be wrong. As per geological simulations, Fourteen thousand years ago Sri Lanka was land lacked with South India and why would Vanaras build a bridge to crossover??

This book can be categorized as either fiction or philosophy, instead of Historic Rama… as I couldn’t find a single historic fact about Ramayana.

Somewhere around 9000BC the plate tectonic shift separated the Ceylon from South India. The original author of Ramayana, Valmiki (an aboriginal turned Sage) mentioned that Ramayanam occurred in Treta yuga and the author of this book “Historic Rama” failed to interpret this historical fact.

The Nala Setu or Rama Setu (or Adam’s bridge) construction was considered as one of the marvelous civil engineering tasks of ancient times. The bridge is made of wooden logs, boulders and rocks; even if you employee one Million Vanaras a day it would take several months to build the 30 kilometer bridge. Where as author mentioned that it took (10) ten days for the completion the bridge, this itself shows that the timing of Ramayana is incorrect.

The bridge (Nala Setu) exists even today but submerged 9 feet deep inside the Indian Ocean. If you calculate rise of sea level because of the glacier melt down and also take the archaeological and geological data into consideration the Ramayana might have occurred somewhere between 5000BC and 6500BC.


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