What is the need to demolish other’s POV?

It is not unusual to receive emails (or messages/comments via numerous online mediums) where readers/seekers/researchers ask why I spend time demolishing other researcher’s theories and proposals.

They suggest/ask: “Is it not enough that you present yours and leave it at that!”.

These people miss the intent on at least two counts:

(1) The strength of a theory/proposal is truly understood when the problem it is trying to solve is clearly stated and also when the solution is compared against other attempts to solve the same problem.

(2) Inferior theories/proposals may attain a state of ‘truthlikeness’ simply because of good marketing, cunningness of its proponents, by being member of mutual admiration clubs, academic positions, muscle power over peer reviewed journals and publishers and such.

Shankaracharya has responded to identical queries long back. (Courtesy: Prashant Parikh)

Śaṅkaraācārya’s reply to this question, from Brahma-sūtra 2.2.01

Opponent: It is proper to establish one’s own point of view for the sake of determining what the right knowledge is, it being a means for the attainment of liberation by people aspiring for release; what need is there for demolishing others’ POV, which amounts to being inimical to others?

Vedāntin: Well, it is just as you say. But there are some people of dull intellect, who on noticing that great scriptures of the Sāṁkhyas and others are accepted by the honoured ones, and that they proceed under the plea of bestowing the right knowledge, may conclude that these too are to be accepted as a means to right knowledge. Besides, they may have faith in these, since there is a possibility of weight of reasoning and since they are spoken by omniscient people. Hence this effort is being made to expose their hollowness.

I rest my case.


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