The Ages of Mahabharata Heroes: Part 1

“It’s tough to tell the truth especially when …we are not absolutely sure of the truth. You are looking for the truth, and you are just putting out some markers.”– Garrison Keillor

I have employed existing works of Shri JohneeG, Dr. P V Vartak and Shri Prabhakar Phadnis in compiling this list.

I will begin with the appoximate ages of some of the Mahabharata Heroes at the time of Mahabharata War.

In course of time, with the help of Mahabharata text references, we will explore (and also refine) the ages of various Mahabharata heroes.

At the time of Mahabharata War,

Bhishma was about 140 years old
Drona was about 85 years old
Krishna/Arjuna were about 65-67 years old
Bhima was 67-69 years old
Duryodhana was about 67-69 years old.
Yudhishthir was about 70-72 years old.
Abhimanyu was 16+ years old (more likely, at least, 21 years old)
Dhritarashtra was about 90 years old
Vidura was about 88 years old


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