Phantom Time Hypothesis & 5561 BCE

What is ‘Phantom Time Hypothesis’? Read here.

This is for the reading pleasure of curious and brave few.

My dear friend wrote this (other than wikipedia entry).

Enjoy for what it is worth….

Nilesh Oak ji,

Here is a thought! You can judge yourself how fruitful it is!

As per your thinking, Mahabharata War started on October 16, 5561 BCE.

As per traditional thinking, Mahabharata War started in year 3138 BCE. The difference is 2423 years.

Citing Wikipedia, “according to the Surya Siddhanta, Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar, or 14 January 3102 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.”

Let’s for a moment assume that the start of the Kali Yuga is based on the start of the Laukikabda Calendar, i.e. start of the new Saptarishi Cycle. That is considered to be 3077 BCE. Kashmiri history is written according to that calendar in Rajatarangini.

Pandavas are advised by Vyasa to pass on power to Parikshit and set out for the Mahaprasthanika, their Great Journey to Heaven. This is supposed to be 25 years after Krishna died. This is to coincide with the end of one Saptarishi Cycle of 2700 years and the start of a new.

Let’s say later on, can be a few years later, or even several centuries later, it was decided that Kali Yuga should fall 25 years before the end of the given Saptarishi Cycle, i.e. 3077 BCE, as it should coincide with Krishna departure.

So what we take from this is that
1) Kali Yuga starts 25 years before the end of the Saptarishi Cycle
2) At the start of Kali Yuga, Krishna leaves Earth.

However what if Mahabharata took place one Saptarishi Cycle before that, i.e. not 25 + 36 years before 3077 BCE, but rather 25 + 36 before 3077 + 2700 BCE, that would be in 5838 BCE!!!

But you are getting 5561 BCE!!! That is a difference of 277 years. So an extra cycle of 277 years does not fit! Or does it?

Let’s look at the Phantom Time Hypothesis!

According to it, after 614 AD, there was a sudden jump to 911 AD. The time in between is missing! No history took place during these years! That is 297 years!

If that is some sort of artificial buffer, then we are still in the year 1718!!!

In that case probably the year you have found is also October 16, 5858 BCE, for that is how many years your software has taken you.

If one compares that to 3138 BCE for the traditional Mahabharata War date that difference of 2720 years is just 20 years from the Saptarishi Cycle standard of 2700 years.

So the Mahabharata War may in fact have taken place according to your calculations, but the historians later on, thought that it was a Saptarishi Cycle later.

Again it is simply a mental exercise! Not asking you to take it too seriously.

Another thing that seems interesting for me is that the Saptarishi Cycle is 2700 years. Why should one not take it as a Manavantara? After all the as per legend the Saptarishis complete one full cycle! Shouldn’t a new cycle start with the naming of a new set of Saptarishis? Shouldn’t it then be called a Manavantara?

Then one can say that Ramayana took place a couple of Manavantaras ago in Treta Yuga of that Manavantara, etc..


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