Only ‘Length’ & ‘Breadth’, No ‘Depth’

“This is for Y’all reading pleasure. It is easy to tell that this individual has read neither ‘Swayambhu’ of Dr. P V Vartak, nor ‘When did the Mahabharata War Happen?: The Mystery of Arundhati’ of Nilesh Oak.

Enjoy for what it is worth….

An individual who appears to be a researcher and/or author, into the making, wrote…..

I must say I totally disagree with the theories of both Prof. Vartik & Mr. Nilesh on the dateline of Mahabharatam.

Prof. Vartik theory is based on the fact that the Greek tourist Magasthenis (so called Ambassodor) recorded that 138 generations have passed between Dwaraka King Krishna and the emporer Chandragupta Maurya. This is totally wrong, how does Magasthenis knew about this where as only 74 generations (totaling 2877years from 324 B.C) were identified by the Hindu history.

Kuru dynasty (from Parikshit to Kshemaka) — 28 generations : 1273 years

Brahama Ratha (Magadhas ) — 22 generations : 1006 years

Pradotyas — 5 genertions : 138 years

Shishungas — 10 generations : 360 years

Nandas — 9 generations : 100 years


Total 74 generations : 2877 years

The argument here is when did Kaliyug start and is Parikshit in the question truly the son of Abhimanyu or some other king in the lineage?

..for argument purpose letmme add another 200 years .

My theory here is Parikshit-II (I call it) probably the great great grandson of Abhimanyu.

I don’t give a dime when Kaliyug started .. its all imaginary thing anyway .. just created by Bapanas ..

.. So my search for Mahabharata war falls between 3000 BC to 3500 BC .. I can still narrow it down .. but I need to run some simulations to prove the ultimate astronomical event 🙂

Your theory on Arundhati observation is totally irrelevant and can’t be used to determine the timeline of Mahabharata. … There is not a single incident in the human history where people referred to Arundhathi for the purpose of time measure. In Bharatiya tradition, only newly wed bride asked to identify this star other than that it has no significance . . I may not be 100% correct here, but I made the point..

The Mahabratha was compiled into a poem, probably two hundred years after the war is over. Obviously the astronomical observations have no significance because its only referring to the events when it was written … The Pandavas & their Army totally devastated by the day 10 of the war .. in spite of that, how did they win the war ?? No need to assume Krishna was on their side or Bhishma & Dhrona didn’t fight well or Karrna was cheated etc. …actually there is something else very important astronomical event happened here. Its very simple thing you don’t have to align all the 9 planets or Nakshatras … If you figure out that and rerun your simulations ( use some different software for the reason I mentioned below) you may end up with 3000BC or so.

In my opinion, the NASA is damn good at Fabrication technology, let it be rockets or facts (say moon landing ) or mars landing or you name it ? So, If you want the facts please switch to some other software.

Any of the astronomical observations should match with the archaeological/historical facts, otherwise it can only be treated as fiction no matter how you align the Nakshatras.

There is one inscription some where in south India that tells that there is a gap of 2700 years between 6th Shathakurni and when Yudistara was crowned which is similar to 634 AD inscription found in the Jain temple at Aihole.

Everyone knows about Mahabharatam because it was not just a war between Pandvas & Kauravas but there were some 50+ foolish kings & their warriors from all over Bharath participated and lost their lives. The story passed on from generations to generations, surprisingly its far more accurate than what Veda Vyas told the world.

My conclusion any effort to determine the Mahabharate time line should be substantiated with the real world examples not purely based on the Nakshatras as described by Vyas or somebody else.

Good luck …

Very truly,”


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