Vartak vs.Oak: 5561 BCE – Part 3 of 6

Our reader also wrote…

“3.On the other hand Oak claims the same date but as per Julian Calendar and lands several days behind the Autumnal Equinox and thus calculates Bhisma’s death bed days as in excess of 91. He has relied on Kartik Amavasya as primary condition and has calculated the corresponding Julian date as first day of war.”

My response….

I have already shown how both Oak and Vartak employ Julian calendar. I have also shown that the reason for me showing Bhishma on the bed of arrows for >92 days is purely based on 20+ specific Mahabharata text references spread over Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Shalya, Sauptic, Stri, Shanti and Anushasan Parvas.

In fact unless someone is courageous enough to show how these 20+ references can be explained in any other way, the natural consequences of this timeline leads to beginning of War before the autumnal equinox.

Now I want to refer to comment of our reader in ‘bold‘.

Reader claims that I have relied on ‘Kartika Amawasya as a primary condition’. I have no idea what reader is referring to. In fact I am at pain to explain that I did not calculate the date for the first day of war. I simply borrowed it from Dr. Vartak. Thus, I did not have to use ‘Kartika Amawasya’ to arrive at anything.

My only point for the first day of the War is that…it was definitely after Kartik full moon (because Mahabharata text states so…Vyasa refers to Kartika full moon as already being passed and also refers to day of ‘Vadya Chaturdashi’ (Krishna chaturdashi….nothing to do with Krishna of Mahabharata), a day before his(Vyasa) conversation with Dhritarashtra.

This means earliest the war could begin is on Kartik Amawasya. I do not know of any serious researcher who claims the War to have began before Kartik Amawasya. Here, by Kartik Amawasya, I am referring to day that would occur about ~15 days after Kartik Full moon.

This upper bound for the beginning of the War has huge significance for the timing of Mahabharata War, when combined with 20+ references of Bhishma Nirvana. The combined evidence leads us to the conclusion that War could not have taken place anytime after 4000 BCE.

This set of evidence (besides AV observation) also falsifies, INSTANTANEOUSLY, all the claims for the timing of Mahabharata war that fall after 4000 BCE (practically 96%+ of all 130+ claims).

These falsified claims includes those claims by usual suspects (that do multiple rounds in public domain): Narahari Achar/Srinivas Raghavan, Velandi Aiyer, Kota Venkatachalam, R N Iyengar, Mohan Gupa, P V Holay, Daftari, C V Vaidya, Subhash Kak, Koenraad Elst, Shrikant Talageri, V B Ketkar, J S Karandikar, P C SenGupta, Anand Sharan, and many more.


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