Pandava Progeny

Five Pandavas (Sons of Pandu via Kunti & Madri)

Yudhishthir, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul & Sahadev

Yudhishthir (via Draupadit) had son – Prativindhya

Bhima (via Drapadi) had son – SutaSoma

Arjuna  (via Draupadi) had son – Shrutakirti

Nakul (via Draupadi) had son – Shatanika

Sahadev (via Draupadi) had son – Shrutakarma

Yudhishthir married Devika (daughter of King Govasan of Shibi) – Youdheya (son)

Bhimasen married Balandhara (daughter of King of Kashi) – Sarvag (son)

Bhimasen also had (via Hidimba) a son – Ghatotkach

Arjuna married Subhadra (sister of Krishna) – Abhimanyu (son)

Nakul married Renumati (daughter of King of Chedi) – Niramitra (son)

Sahadev married Vijaya (daughter of king of Madra – Dyutiman) – Suhotra (son)

Out of these 11 sons of Pandavas, only Abhimanyu’s son – Parikshit seems to have survived.

Parikshit married Madravati – Janmejay (son)

Janmejay married Pushtamaya – Shatanik and Shakhakarna (sons)

Shatanik married daughter of King of Videha – Ashwamedha-Datta (son)

I request readers to add/edit/correct this list.  Please include specific references in your communication.

Reference: GP edition, Adi Parva 95:75-86


One thought on “Pandava Progeny

  1. Though I don’t have specific references, Ullupi & Chitrangada as wives of Arjun can be included? Babhruvahan son of Arjun (can’t recollect who’s the mother from either of them)

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