FSS – Illustration of lazy readers and researchers

A seeker wrote….

“Nilesh ji, I have not read your book yet, but I have read Mahabharata with hindi translation few times. While I am not a scholar, I agree with many others that Bhishma was resting on arrows for only 58 days. I have not found the statement you refer to where Krishna says that Bhishma has 56 more days to live. But if so, Lord Krishna must have met Bhishma 2 days after Bhishma fell down in the war. What is wrong with that?”

My response….

Let’s first recognize the FSS (Frequently Suggested Solution) nature of such comments. Numerous other readers, researchers, commentators and Mahabharata enthusiasts have suggested this to me personally.

All of them have done this without putting much thought into their own analysis. If you pause to think, only for a second, you will realize the confusion and contradiction in your suggestion, i.e. confusion and contradiction with respect to the narrative of Mahabharata text.

Please don’t be offended when I say that reading of ‘Mahabharata text’ may not be enough. Comprehending the chronological details is the key to understand this otherwise simple journey of Bhishma on bed of arrows.

There are many ways to make you aware of your confusion. In fact too many ways! and hence frustrating.

Let me try, nevertheless, one such way and send you back to re-reading Mahahbharta text, this time with sole encouragement (and intention) of comprehending chronology! 🙂

Bhishma fell down in the battle on the 10th day of the war and the war continued for additional 8 days (Total of 18 days).

Thus, per your (FSS) suggestion, Krishna met Bhishma on the 12th day of the War (56 out of 58 days remaining–on the bed of arrows).

Have you bothered to comprehend the sequence of events that led to this day when Krishna uttered this statement?

Krishna met Bhishma….Mahabharata text tells us….after the War was over (9 days minimum) and after Pandavas had spent month long period of mourning on the bank of Ganga and after they returned to Hastinapur and after Yudhishthir was crowned a king…..this is when Krishna met Bhishma.

So at a minimum 9 (9 nights of the Mahabharata war) + 27-30 (one month on the bank of Ganga) + X (unknown number of days – days between Pandavas return to Hastinapur – coronation of Yudhishthir- and meeting Bhishma)

And who accompanied Krishna when he went to meet Bhishma?

Only Pandavas, Krishna, Satyaki and Yuyutsu….from Pandava side and ONLY Kripacharya and Sanjay from Kaurava side!!

This is because the time was long time after the War was over (more than a month) and only these were some of the key warriors alive!

Also, this was after Yudhishthir was crowned a King.

I hope you are not suggesting Yudhishthir was crowned a king on the 12th day of the War!

Peace, my friend.

Do report what you find when you have an opportunity to re-read portions of Mahabharata text. Good reading and comprehension of Shanti Parva and Anushasan parva would do the job. Just to be sure, include Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Shalya, Sauptic and Stri parvas, so as not to miss on any ‘chronology details’ whatsoever.

Happy Reading.


2 thoughts on “FSS – Illustration of lazy readers and researchers

  1. Well, Krishna, Pandawas and Kauravas and many others did meet Bhishma at the end of 10th day of war and Arjuna arranged for supporting his head and for supply of water to him! It would be quite appropriate for Krishna to say, on that day, that Bhishma had 56 more days to live. Actually, Bhishma spent 58 nights on bed of arrows or 57 days.
    I have sent you my other comments on this by e-mail.

    • What you are saying is Krishna had an opportunity to say what (or whatever) he wanted to say (regarding total/anticipated duration of Bhishma’s wait (on bed of arrows) leading to the day of Winter solstice… when Krishna, pandawas and Kaurawas and many other’s met Bhishma on the 10th day of the War.

      And Krishna could do the same, if he chose to, on 12th day of the War (and thus, per your – pkphadnis- proposal).

      The point I am emphasizing is that this is not about Krishna’s ability (possibility/plausibility) to meet Bhishma on these days. Rather, all evidence of Mahabharata text is contrary against such a claim.

      Mahabharata text, in no unclear terms, define the time of Krishna meeting Bhishma, along with only ‘remaining’ warriors, long after the war was over, in fact after a minimum of 40 days from the day Bhishma fell in the battle.

      What is going to be your alternate explanation for series of chronological statements of Mahabharata texts that defined this 40+ days time interval?

      Interpolation of numerous and critical war and post-war instances of Mahabharata? I hope not.

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