Says Bhagavat Purana – Krishna lived for 125 years

Whoever accepts this statement of Bhagavat Purana will have to also accept that Krishna was ~27 years old** at the time of killing Kamsa.

So, those who take each word of Bhagavat Purana literally, think again!

The reference from Bhagavat Purana is as follows:

Srimad Bhagavat Purana  11.6.25

yadu-vaṁśe ’vatīrṇasya  

bhavataḥ puruṣottama

śarac-chataṁ vyatīyāya  

pañca-viṁśādhikaṁ prabho

Word for word:

yadu-vaṁśe — in the family of the Yadus; avatīrṇasya — who has descended; bhavataḥ — of Yourself; puruṣa-uttama — O Supreme Person; śarat-śatam — one hundred autumns; vyatīyāya — having passed; pañca-viṁśa — by twenty-five; adhikam — more; prabho — O Lord.


O Krishna, You have descended into the Yadu dynasty, and thus You have spent one hundred twenty-five autumns.

** ‘The Year of Mahabharata War: Additional evidence from Astronomy, Geology & Anthropology’ (book in works)


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