Objective & Subjective Theories

Subjectivism (and thus subjective theories) is, still rampant, unfortunately, in the science and philosophy of science. The awkward point in all subjectivist theories is that they are ‘irrefutable’. Irrefutable, in the sense that they can too easily evade any criticism. It is amazing how smoothly belief sneaks in.

For illustration of this, look at some of the articles I wrote in responding to ‘subjective aka psychological theories’ proposed by likes of Koenraad Elst and Shrikant Talageri. These theories were proposed to skirt around the true implications of AV observation of Mahabharata text.

It would be useful to sum up relationship between the objective (desired) and subjective (undesired) theories of scientific knowledge

Objective Theories (Subjective Theories)

(1) Truth as correspondence with the facts (Truth as property of our state of mind – or knowledge or belief)

(2) Objective probability -inherent in the situation, and testable by statistical tests (subjective probability – degree of rational belief based upon our total knowledge)

(3) Objective Randomness – statistically testable (Lack of knowledge)

(4) equiprobability- Physical or situational symmetry (Lack of Knowledge)


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