Two of many errata from the ‘Mahabharata’ book

A seeker wrote…

“I noticed two small points.

1. In discussing Fall of Abhijit you have repeatedly mentioned Abhijit moving near to or away from the ‘ecliptic’. Ecliptic is a fixed plane or a circle on celestial sphere with a pole of its own, the distance of Abhijit from Ecliptic can change only if it has very significant ‘proper motion’, not otherwise. Abhijt was never on or close to ecliptic. It appears to be about 30 degrees from ecliptic’s pole, i. e. about 60 degrees from ecliptic. (Very rough figures). Due to change in the north pole position and along with it, that of the celestial equator, its declination changed a lot, but how its distance from ecliptic can change?

Also, being so far away from the ecliptic I do not understand why it ever was counted among the nakshatras. Sun, moon or grahas have never been near Abhijit. So it cant become a ‘half wife’ of the moon.

2. You mention precision of the equinox as the ’cause’ of the changing position of the celestial North Pole. I think this is not correct. What actually changes by itself is direction of the axis of the earth’s rotation in a conical manner like axis of a wooden ‘bhowara’ a little before it fall on ground. (The ‘bhovara’ and ‘dori’ game we played all the time in the childhood!) That is the ’cause’ of the slow and steady circular movement of the celestial pole and also of the precision of equinox. Do you agree?

My response…

Thank you for noticing both the errors. Few others have also pointed them to me. I have a partial list of these corrections which I do intend to correct in the next edition of the book.

‘Ecliptic’ in abhijit-vega chapter is error and need to be replaced with ‘celestial equator’.

Gyratory motion is the cause….and precession of equinoxes is the effect.

And regarding the cause of Gyratory motion itself.. there are two theories (1) Gravitational theory of gyratory motion of the earth and (2) Theory of binary stars.

While second theory is not been corroborated, those who have done some serious research on it have definitely shown the errors of first (gravitational)theory.

But that is another subject (very interesting)….


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